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Meet adorable boxer, Layla – “Shelter life is much too stressful for her.” Can you help?

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What a face!


If you love boxers or just adorable dogs, then check out Layla. The folks at the Niagara SPCA  are hoping to get her into a home soon. They posted her picture on Facebook and asked – no pleaded – with folks to adopt her or simply share her story and help get the word out.


“Attention BOXER LOVERS!! Meet Layla! She is in serious need of a home! Shelter life is much too stressful for her! Layla was surrendered by her owners back in January because she has a medical condition…she has seizures. Definitely not something that should prevent the right person from loving her and giving her a safe home. She has only had one seizure, that we know of, since she has been at the shelter. She is now on medication and would require to remain on it for the rest of her life. She is 7 yrs old, dog friendly and would be fine in a home with kids age 7 and older. An emotionally secure home and maybe on the quieter side would be perfect for her! She is beyond sweet and loves just to cuddle and go on walks. If you feel you have the ability to provide a home for Layla, please go meet her! You will fall in love! A meet and greet would be required for the whole family and any other dogs. Let’s SHARE her story and get her adopted to a home she deserves! ?❤ Contact or visit the NSPCA if you are the one she is waiting for!!”

Contact the NSPCA at 716-731-4368 for more details.

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