Thank you sweet baby – for reminding me once again how stupid the “small stuff” is.

I’ve written about this before, but was once again reminded just how true it is.  We – all of us – have to find a way to stop sweating the small stuff. We just have to.

I know – that sounds so easy, right?  And sometimes it actually is.

Sometimes – not so much.

I let things get to me. I’m getting much better about it – but there are times. Trust me.

I look at life like this – we make our choices. We decide what we want to do. I mean, for the most part. I’m talking about day to day things. I decided to go to grad school – in the midst of starting a business, taking care of my girls, and doing some freelance writing. My decision – so when I even start to complain about it, I get so mad at myself.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what we do or why we do it – we just have to do it without all the worrying.

Last night, I was ‘venting’ a bit to my husband – who is truly the most supportive man alive.  He has supported every preposterous idea I’ve ever come up with. It’s really quite remarkable.

I’ve felt a bit rundown over the past few days, and just wanted to go to bed at 7 p.m. last night. I’m not kidding. Of course, I didn’t. I wanted to, though.

I finally fell asleep and woke up with a renewed energy. So, I thought about all of the things on my to-do list, and instead of getting stressed – I went through things one by one. I usually get most of my writing and work done at night when the babies are sleeping, but I’m a bit behind. So I knew today would be busy. And, things were going great. Until, a little blonde haired-blue eyed sweetie wanted to change up my plans.

Ella came up and said, “snuggie”.  That means she wants to sit on my lap and snuggle. There was a part of me that wanted to say, “In a minute, baby. Give me a minute and let me finish what I’m doing.”

But I thought about those handprints on the glass.

Here’s what I mean by that.

It used to drive me nuts when there were itty bitty hand prints on my windows and doors. I don’t know why. It just did.

Not any more.

The thing is – I remembered something a wonderful mom told me once as I was doing a story with her. She’d lost her little girl – and she told me that one of the things she misses most is seeing those little hand prints on the glass.

As Ella asked me to snuggie with her, I thought about that.

I’m glad I thought about that today.

I guess I needed that reminder. Maybe we all do. From time to time we need to be nudged. It’s okay, though.

Who cares about clean glass. I mean really?  Who cares about getting every single thing done. Clean. Washed. Written. Paid. Posted. Whatever. Who cares.

Who cares about that stuff.

I’m sure I will get to all of that. When I get to it.

This morning was spent basking in the glory of motherhood.

Because believe me – I know how lucky I am.

I know that having my girls is everything. I know that they could be taken away at any moment. I know this other stuff can wait. And it did. Until sweet Ella took a cat nap. Now, I’m working like a maniac and you know what, I’m cool with that.


Mary Friona

Mary Friona

Following my heart with my husband and four daughters. An Emmy Award winning journalist lucky enough to work in television & radio for 20 years - seeing wonderful places, meeting great people and telling their stories.

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