Ten years ago my life changed – I said YES!

December 23, 2007 was a fairly average day as far as days are concerned.

It was cold.

And snowy.

Scott and I had taken the girls to Erie, PA to meet up with my best friend who lives in Seattle but was in Cleveland visiting her family. So, we met half way, had a nice dinner and went home. There was an extra blast of winter as we drove home.

We all went back to Scott’s apartment in the city. Our pup Lucy was there waiting for us.

Anyway, we were all hanging out and I noticed Scott started to act funny. Not ha-ha funny, just a bit odd. He seemed to be pacing. I thought he was a bit nervous about getting everything done for Christmas. We’d only been dating for about ten months, so this was our first Christmas together and who knows how folks handle the pressures that come along with the most wonderful time of the year.

I was wrapping gifts and getting some stuff done when I heard his voice calling for me. And the girls. And the dog.

So we are all gathered around – and I remember thinking – man, this guy looks like a nervous wreck.

He tells us he has something to say.

Okay, no offense to my husband, but he often has something to say. 🙂

He reaches and grabs for something. I couldn’t quite tell what, but something.

He looks at my girls – who were 11 and 12 at the time – and says, “Girls, you know how much I love your mother, right?”  They both nod quickly. He continues by telling them that he loves them, too. That he loves Lucy. That he would take care of all of us. Protect us. That he would work hard to make us happy.

Finally I got what was happening.

But, hold off – I’d sworn off marriage. I was never getting married again! At least that’s what I’d been saying for the past ten years!

Well let me tell you – when this sweet, loving, kind, funny, and incredibly handsome man looked me in the eyes and told me all of the things every girl wants to hear – I knew right then and there this was the guy for me. I thought so – but, it was confirmed at that moment.

Like, there was no other possible answer.


For me, the best part of this proposal was the fact that Scott included the girls. He knew they meant everything to me. He knew that we were a package deal. He got it.

He placed an incredibly beautiful ring on my finger and that was that.

Although I don’t have a picture from that night – this picture was taken just a few days earlier on a trip to NYC!



It’s funny because they – I don’t really know who they are – but, they say when you really stop looking for something, along it comes.

They would be right. At least in this case.

Scott and I met when I was a reporter at Channel Two. I covered a story about a fundraising concert for the food bank and this really cute musician was putting the entire thing together.  He was adorable. But, our timing was off – we were both dating other people. That was that.

But, several months later – another story. And a different ending.

A pilot for a television show was being shot on Elmwood Avenue. It was two degrees – a freezing February morning – and I was standing there doing a live shot talking about this cute musician. Again.

Scott sent me an email thanking me for covering the story.

I know, cute.

Eventually, a few emails later, he asked me to go out for drinks.

This time, our timing was impeccable.

That February 28th date was something special.

Ten months of fun later – and we were engaged to be married.

I’d dated a few really nice guys, but never thought the happily-ever-after thing would come along. I know Scott thought he might never get married.

I guess that’s the moral of this story – you can’t ever give up. You can’t ever assume you won’t find love. Or happiness. Or peace. Or success. Or whatever it is you are hoping for.

Ten years later – I would absolutely, 100% still say YES! I’d still say it with as much excitement. And joy.

We are only ten years into the “happily ever after’ – but so far, so good!




Mary Friona

Mary Friona

Following my heart with my husband and four daughters. An Emmy Award winning journalist lucky enough to work in television & radio for 20 years - seeing wonderful places, meeting great people and telling their stories.

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    Pamela Miskey


    Happy Anniversary! Roy and I , too have an odd story about destiny and when you stop looking–very special! You can see the happiness in both of you and your kids! Best in the happily ever after and Merry Christmas!


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    Mary Slovick


    Enjoyed reading this! There is a book called Christmas Always by Peter Catalanotto who came to Sidway School as the author visitor! The moral of the story in this book is to never stop believing! The author inscribed in the book to my daughter “Ci Ci” to never, say never! Now she is older and married and hopefully one day will pass this book onto her children! Happy Anniversary!


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