We’ve got a date! (And a magazine spread!)

Things are falling into place! I wrote a blog a few months back where I talked about the fact that my daughter, Maria will soon be meeting and thanking – the Mercy Flight Crew responsible for saving her life seven years ago. (Click HERE to read original blog post). So it seems to be all […]

People are good – I saw that today.

It’s been a very interesting day. My little sweeties and I had a play date with our friends, The Russo Family. Gosh we love spending time with them. After tossing some ideas around, we decided on lunch and playground fun at George’s Hot Dog Stand in North Boston. My girls love it there because they […]

We’ve made a decision. A very big one.

We’ve made a decision. A very big one. When I say we – I really mean my daughter, Maria. She’s 20 – but she’s still my baby. She has her own apartment – but she’s still my baby. She has a great job and is navigating life in a lovely way – but, she’s still […]

Huge Mom Fail

My husband called Saturday “beat up on yourself day.” Because that’s what I did all day. All day. I can’t believe I did that. I can’t believe it. Oh my gosh, what a horrible mother. What an awful parent. Ugh. I have to make changes. I have to slow down. How could I do that? And […]

Music is good for the soul. And the family.

We are FAR from a perfect family. It’s not even something we strive for. Perfection is not only – pretty much unattainable, it’s also overrated, boring and not worth worrying about. Our kids are good – for the most part – but certainly have some bratty tendencies. I mean, if I’m being honest. There. I […]