ENOUGH with the “Just Google It, Mom”

Do I wish Google was around when I was a kid? Probably. Would it have helped me countless times in my life? You betcha. That being said, the search engine is getting on my nerves. Or maybe my 5-year-old is actually the one driving me up a wall. And it all got me thinking…. Emma […]

How do YOU define happiness? Here’s what I think… :)

How do you define happiness? What really makes you happy? It’s a tough question, isn’t it? And even when we think we know what will make us happy, we’re surprised by the lack of emotion once we get it. Happiness is when your life fulfills your needs. It’s not a given; never a given. And […]

One of the horrors of social media – mommy shaming

When Ella was going through her I-have-absolutely-no-interest-in-going-to-sleep-phase a while back,  it was frustrating. I was exhausted. I posted a picture on Facebook and mentioned that I had to wear dark glasses to cover my bags because she was a total insomniac – I was bombarded with comments. Most were, “it’ll get better” comments.  But, a […]

It was everything we’d hoped for. And more.

Wow. What a moment. For my daughter, Maria and our entire family. I recently blogged about an amazing upcoming opportunity. We were going to meet the Mercy Flight Crew who saved Maria’s life. (ORIGINAL BLOG)  Well, the day finally came. And – It. Was. Awesome. And emotional. It basically had all the feels. It was […]