Ten years ago my life changed – I said YES!

December 23, 2007 was a fairly average day as far as days are concerned. It was cold. And snowy. Scott and I had taken the girls to Erie, PA to meet up with my best friend who lives in Seattle but was in Cleveland visiting her family. So, we met half way, had a nice […]

Great news: Turns out our kids don’t expect us to be perfect!!

Anybody who knows me – and many who don’t – know how stressed I’ve been about making my daughter’s Halloween costume. Emma is obsessed with space. So she wanted to be Saturn – and well, you can’t buy planet costumes. Believe me, I tried. I scoured the web, Halloween shops, Target – no Saturns. Nothing. […]

What I’ve learned from and through my grief.

Wow. Grief is a powerful emotion. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that. I’ve grieved before – but, this time is different. I grieved when my Grandmother passed away. That was my only ‘big one’ so far. I’ve also grieved for others – who’ve had a great loss. I’ve watched friends grieve […]