Some misconceptions about working in a newsroom!

  So, I have to admit, I’m pretty amazed that people still recognize me and come up to me on a regular basis. I mean, I’ve been off television now for nearly FOUR years. Can you believe that!!?? And folks still approach me all the time. Some say hi. Some say they love this blog […]

Birthdays in Heaven…

I had never really thought about it. Birthdays in Heaven… it wasn’t on my radar. Today, it’s all I’m thinking about. My dad would have turned 81 today. 81 isn’t that old, really. But that doesn’t even matter. He’s not here. He’s in Heaven. So, I wondered what it must be like – up there. […]

Ten years ago my life changed – I said YES!

December 23, 2007 was a fairly average day as far as days are concerned. It was cold. And snowy. Scott and I had taken the girls to Erie, PA to meet up with my best friend who lives in Seattle but was in Cleveland visiting her family. So, we met half way, had a nice […]