As a mother of four daughters – Yes, I’m concerned. Some of these guys better back the *&^* off.

I’m livid.

For women in general, sure. For society, obviously.

But mostly for my daughters. All four of them.

I’ll be honest here – I’m not exactly shocked by the idea of men harassing women. No, not at all.

It’s happened to me – it’s happened to most women I know. It happens.

But to see it so systematically across the board – so often – so blatant – it’s really disheartening.

I think it’s how often, how many men, and some of the things these predators do. It’s sickening.

And they are predators. All of them.

Let me be clear – there is a HUGE difference between a guy making a pass at a girl after maybe getting the signal wrong…  or telling a woman she looks beautiful – I don’t think those are the problem – but, that’s me. It can be inappropriate, yes. But there’s a big difference between inappropriate behavior and harassment.

I’ve worked with men and we’ve joked and have likely said MANY inappropriate things over the course of a couple of decades. And I’m sure that there are things I’ve heard, said, and done that others might find inappropriate. This isn’t about me judging anyone.

This is about me – the mama bear – protecting my babies.

I don’t have any boys.  I do have a husband that would never, ever treat any woman like that.  I know this to be 100% true.

And I have a hope for those raising boys – I hope you will teach them that boys and girls are equals. I feel like that was never instilled in us – I feel like girls were always treated at least a bit – inferior.

It has to stop because that’s really the root of it – men thinking they are superior to women. That’s the issue.

Men thinking they have the power. Of course, not all men believe this – but, the scary truth is that many do.

That’s what I teach my girls. We all have power – we should be treated with respect. I tell them that I will always support them no matter what. I tell my older girls ( and someday will tell the little ones) that if anyone ever pulls that crap with them – they can and should – a) do whatever it takes to get away from them. b) report that person immediately, c) call me.

We will deal with it.

Here’s the thing – when men treat women like some type of object – it does make you feel embarrassed, humiliated – and ashamed. I’ve felt that. It’s a bad feeling.

Let’s think about that for just a moment – the person who is not doing anything wrong – feels ashamed.

Again – the person who is the victim – feels humiliated.

I mean – imagine that with any other crime?

That has to change. Because the fact is – we can’t control how others act. We CAN ONLY control how we react to that action.

And lets be real here – all of these clowns with alleged moral authority are out there making women feel horrible –

Our elected leaders are paying MILLIONS of dollars in hush money for CRIMINAL behavior. That is OUR money!  Are you kidding me?

I mean when you sit and think about that and let it actually sink in – it’s unbelievable. Unbelievable.

I feel terrible for those young women, forced to leave their jobs and sometimes careers they love – because some piece of crap thinks he can get away with whatever he wants.

He can’t.

Not any more.

This is a moment that demands an honest and real assessment on where things stand.

Women can not achieve equality in the work place or society for that matter – until there is a reckoning and a taking of responsibility.

This has to end.








Mary Friona

Mary Friona

Following my heart with my husband and four daughters. An Emmy Award winning journalist lucky enough to work in television & radio for 20 years - seeing wonderful places, meeting great people and telling their stories.

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    christian seniw


    I am a white Male and have lived in Kenmore my entire life.
    I was born in 1969. and raised with respect for my peers and elders and manners for all.

    This is very well put and I could not agree more. I am almost 50, have lived in Kenmore my whole life. I have never seen so much disrespect. Not only to woman but to the elderly as well…

    A Sad state of affairs, thats for sure…


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