Lockport home dazzles again this year with thousands of lights! A show needed more than ever!!!

He’s back at it again and this is going to make everyone happy!!

Paul Crego loves his lights! And so does everyone else who drives by the Maple Street home in Lockport.

This year, those lights might be more appreciated than ever.  It’s a must-see and you have a few weeks to check it out!

Thousands and thousands of lights right there – for all to enjoy. Paul says it is quite a process, “I start on the house in September while it’s still nice and warm out.. then wrap the bushes after Halloween ..I do a little each day for maybe 2 months.”

He started 30 years ago with just a few lights and has added on each year.

Amazing job!



Mary Friona


  1. Beautiful. And I’m going to say they could probably see it in space. I’m going to take a drive to Lockport over the weekend!!!!!

  2. My family and I walked by this beautiful house last week. My 3 year old wanted a picture of him standing in front of it. Awesome job on the house.

  3. It is breathtaking. We make sure to see it every year. It looks like the house is covered in diamonds!

  4. I love seeing Paul ‘s house every year!

  5. Our family would stop to see this house every year when we lived in Lockport! Very pretty!

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