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The Lawn Crew – Cutting Overgrown Lots all Around Niagara Falls in a True Grass-Roots Effort

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Kenny Tompkins says he was sick of seeing all the posts about high grass on Facebook.

The City Councilman decided to do something about it.

“Myself and a group started cutting lots. The first time out we had about 10 people, four weed wackers, two lawnmowers and a commercial machine that I rented – that died,” Tompkins tells me, “We did a total of eight lots that first day.”



It was a good feeling and the joy spread – to volunteers and neighbors.

“Neighbors jump in and help or bring water. It’s pretty fulfilling to change a block for people.”



Tompkins went out and bought a commercial weed wacker to help get the jobs done.

They’ve cut more than a dozen overgrown lots in the city so far and hope to do many more – but they’ve hit a snag. They have plenty of volunteers – from kids to senior citizens – the help is there – they just need some machines to work with.


Tompkins and his crew are now looking for mowers and trimmers and a mechanical person to help get some older machines running.

“It changes the whole neighborhood when you finish. Others start trimming their hedges or cutting their grass. Some say they will keep it up after we leave.”

This is a real grass roots effort – and they hope to continue working on overgrown lots all around the city. If you know of a lot in your neighborhood, or if you have a mower you are no longer using and would like to donate it – you can give Tompkins and his team a call at 716-940-7092.

Mary Friona

Mary Friona

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