Kevin Sylvester – Our Spotlight Interview.

You know him from his many projects over the years both on tv and radio – so what is Kevin Sylvester up to these days? We talk family, work, sports and date nights! Seriously – this dude is busy!

Q: How’s the family? Everyone good?

A: The family is good. Of course we’re like any other family, it’s a thrill ride! My daughter is now a freshman in high school, which I can’t believe, but she’s having a good year. My two boys, 12 and 7, are typical sports loving/video game playing/ joke telling boys. They are currently building their NERF GUN Arsenal, and we have some epic wars in the basement. I love it. My wife, God bless her, continues teaching. She’s the anchor, our rock. I don’t know how she worked and took care of the kids when I was on the road with the Sabres all of those years, and she continues to do so when I work assignments for the PGA TOUR on PGA TOUR RADIO. I can’t thank her enough for supporting my career pursuits and other endeavors.

Q: How do you like the new show on Channel Two? Are you sad I’m not there? Lol

A: Everyone is sad you’re not there! I’m really enjoying it. The staff makes it very easy for me. I’d mention names, but I fear I’ll leave somebody out, and they’re all great as you know. It is a different genre for me (Lifestyle show), and I think I feed off of that. I appreciate the faith Channel 2 has shown in me, and I think Janet and I make a good team. I hope folks keep watching, so it continues, and perhaps do more than once a week. The surprising thing to me, and this sort of goes back to being sad you’re not there, is how many people stop me in public and say they watch it and they miss me on TV. I think it’s the highest compliment we can get in our business.

Q: Tell us about this new hockey show you’re doing… ‘Half Hour Hockey Show’.

A: You are doing you’re homework because it just launched. Simply put, it’s three guys talking about hockey over a few beers. Totally Buffalo, right? We are more than that. Combined, we have over 25 years experience working in the NHL, and here’s how the show came about. When I was hosting the hockey radio show, Kevin Snow (whom I worked with at the Sabres) and Kris Baker ( were often guests and great to work with. The two of them contacted me before Christmas and asked what they needed to start a podcast. I said they needed me! I asked if I could join them because it sounded like fun, and it has been. Our goal is to keep it to a half hour, talk some hockey, have a quick guest interview, and share some laughs over a beer or two. Our first sponsor is Resurgence Brewing, so we’re obligated to do so!

Q: I know you wrote ‘The Married Man’s Guide to Golf” – you’ve probably saved some marriages… Are you planning on writing any more golf books?

A: I love your optimism, because I’ve had some friends’ wives give me some grief over it. The book has been a wonderful experience. The idea for the book was generated over a discussion, killing the boredom of traveling. I was telling golf stories, and our director Matt Gould, said to me ‘for a married guy with three kids, you play a lot of golf, you should write a book’. So I did. I literally did. I remember arriving home early in the morning, opening the laptop, sitting in the dining room and starting the book. It just flowed from there, and I had the first draft done in three days. It took two re-writes to get the final product or at least what I published. That’s the other thing. I published the book myself. I guess I could have done it quicker and better with a publishing company, but I wanted to learn the process. I wanted to do it myself because I was curious, and the experience was invaluable. The funny part is I told my wife I was writing a book, and she said cool figuring it was just another project I was doing. She never asked what it was called or about until it was too late. When I told her the title, her jaw dropped. She read it, laughed a lot, and gave it her approval I probably should publish more hard copies (I could sign at the Totally Buffalo Festival!), and will someday. For now, it can be downloaded as an ebook and all of the links are on my website As for another book, I’ve been writing on and off for a bit, but it’s not a golf book. I do enjoy creative writing. Especially when I can crank up some music, shut my office door and really dig in.

Q: What are your thoughts on Buffalo sports these days? I know, it’s a loaded question.

A: I think I’m grateful that I get to escape it when I’m working a tournament for the PGA TOUR on PGA TOUR RADIO. That actually has given me great perspective getting to travel the country, talk to fans and the diverse group of people I work with. It’s made me realize that Buffalo sports fan are perhaps the most proud and passionate fans in the country. Loyal too. Bottom line, the teams need to start winning, return to the playoffs. Especially the Bills. It’s baffling to me that it’s been 17 years. Incredible really.

Q: Do you think the Bills should build a stadium downtown?

A: There is no simple answer to that one, but here’s mine. No. The team currently has no problem filling the stadium, continues to upgrade the stadium, and it has all the history of glory days played there. There’s a vibe to the joint. I fear that could get lost with a glitzy new stadium. That being said, fans need to stop throwing frat parties in the parking lots. It doesn’t play well, is gross at times, and not safe. Fans can still have a good time, party, without going overboard. Our generation did. Okay, sorry for soap boxing there. Back to the stadium issue. With all of that said, a new stadium will happen.

Q: I know you tweeted recently that QBs win – when you look at the final four… so what would you do if you were the Bills brass?

A: Depends on which brass you’re referring too? Here’s a simple answer: Everything different from what’s been happening the past 17 years. To the QB issue I tweeted about: It’s simple, you need a great QB to win. The evidence is overwhelming. Now, it’s not simple finding that QB, but that should be priority number one.

Q: What do you like better as far as working – radio or television?

A: I always like the opposite of the one I’m currently doing the most of better. If pressed I’d say TV. I never wanted to leave the TV side with hockey, but I’m fortunate that I’ve had and continue to have many great experiences in media. I do love calling the play by play on the PGA TOUR and can’t wait to go to Pebble Beach in a few weeks for PGA TOUR RADIO.

Q: What do you think about the Buffalo comeback going on right now?

A: I think it’s about time. This is a great place to live and raise a family as we all know. I moved away for a few years to live and work in Charlotte, NC. There are so many WNYers down there because of opportunities that didn’t exist here. It’s nice to see some of those opportunities here. I’m so glad we moved back, and I think, given the chance, many would. I’m going to stop myself from going down a political road, but will say this, so much more can be done by cutting taxes. They’re still way too high here, and stunt business and family opportunities.

Q: Where do you bring folks who visit from out of town?

A: I haven’t had anyone visit in awhile so tough to answer. I enjoy going downtown, and have some favorite stops. There are more options popping up. The waterfront is great and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next phase.

Q: Where’s your favorite date night spot?

A: Date nights are too far and few between. Were our parents this busy? Not possible. When my wife reads this, I’ll bet she’s surprised by my answer. I enjoy going out for a great meal, and there’s plenty of them in Buffalo, and we enjoy dancing, but that’s not my favorite. There’s a little diner/family restaurant around the corner from our house. We sometimes escape there for coffee and pie. Just us, not dressed up, relaxed, a guy talking to a girl. Pure, real, and sweet.

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