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It’s been a crazy winter and your furnace might be tired – time for a tune-up? Maybe

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It’s been a cold winter in Western New York and your furnace, no doubt, has worked overtime. I know mine has.  Especially when the weather goes from 30 to 60 and back down to the 20’s.
For that reason alone, it’s worth taking a few minutes to think about making sure you’re set for spring. The experts at Roy’s Plumbing, Heating and Cooling have some recommendations.
Make sure you have yearly maintenance done on your AC and furnace.
Here are some reasons why it is important to take care of your equipment:
Proper maintenance helps the life span of your equipment.
It also helps to make sure that you do not have an emergency when we get hit by a major storm system.
Preventative maintenance helps to ease a lot of worry for people, and because the weather in Buffalo goes from 60-70 degrees to below 30 in one day in some cases- the systems in our home go through a lot. It is important to take care of them with routine maintenance and replacing them in a timely fashion so that you do not have to go without.
There are sensors and ports on a furnace that need to be cleaned and checked yearly in order to prevent an emergency call at an inconvenient time.
The more maintenance and preventative care you give your furnace the longer it will last.
If you’re thinking about upgrading to a high efficiency unit .. here are some benefits.
They are quieter.
They disperse heat more evenly throughout your home.
They help bring down bills.
You do not need to vent through the chimney anymore which is great for older homes.
For information, to set up an appointment or just to learn your options – http://www.justcallroys.com/about/promotions
 You can find the folks from Roy’s at the Buffalo Home Show through March 19th!
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