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Ideal Time For Ideal Lifestyle

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We hear it a lot this time of year…”This year I will lose the weight!” or “I resolve to eat healthy in 2018!”, or “I’m going to exercise more.”  Did you know that 80% of all New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February?  Well, what if we told you that there’s a WNY-based business that was started by a couple of ladies who proved that it is possible to lose those pesky pounds?  Interested?!  We thought so.

Ideal Lifestyle of WNY got its start when Pam Berchtold and Karen Baughan both lost a considerable amount of weight using the Ideal Protein protocol.  Pam lost 30 pounds in a little over 3 months and Karen lost 75 pounds in less than 6 months.  Fantastic numbers in such a short period of time!  Pam says they knew that after taking on and achieving their own personal challenges, that they could help others reach their goals.   “We understand the daily struggles and difficulties our clients experience.  We were in their position before we became successful dieters and we can help them achieve a successful weight loss journey.  We are passionate about helping anyone who has ever struggled with their weight and we let them know there is real hope and lasting results with our method.”

Karen Baughan Before Picture #1

Karen Baughan Before Picture #2


Karen Beaughan After – at her daughter’s wedding

What makes Ideal Lifestyle of WNY different from its competitors?  Pam says it’s a scientific method that works for their clients.  They offer nutritional counseling, skin care products and a beautiful line of Ruby Ribbon shape wear.  “It’s all directed towards the goal of helping you feel better about yourself.”

Once you lose the weight, you’re good, right?  Wrong!   According to Pam (and many experts agree), maintenance is the real work.  “We specialize in helping you with critical steps of the maintenance portion of the program so that you accomplish your goals today and for all of your tomorrows.”

After you achieve that weight loss and maintain it with the help of Ideal Lifestyle of WNY – it’s not just the numbers on the scale that will make you healthier and happier.  “Our clients often tell us that they sleep better, have more energy, enjoy better mental clarity and increased focus, fat loss, and muscle preservation. They also mention their appetite is suppressed and they experience better digestion. We’ve even had some clients comment that they have been taken off some or all of their medications.”

So how do you find out more about Ideal Lifestyle of WNY?   Pam and Karen host open houses at their two locations.  For residents in the southtowns, they have offices at 663 Main St. in East Aurora, not too far from the 400.  The East Aurora Ideal Lifestyle of WNY Open House is every Tuesday from 6-7pm.  They also have a location in downtown Buffalo at 500 Seneca St. Suite 118. That’s not too far from the medical campuses, downtown businesses and more.  The Downtown Ideal Lifestyle of WNY Open House is Monday from 6-7pm.  If you can’t make it to an open house and still want to get started or if you have questions, call Pam or Karen at (716) 799-1513.



If not 2018, then when?  It’s the Ideal Time for Ideal Lifestyle of WNY!

Find more info on Ideal Health 716 FACEBOOK PAGE.

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