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I wasn’t a fan of getting up in the morning – until now.

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My name is Emma. I am five, almost six-years-old. I told my mom this morning that I wanted to be a kid blogger. I saw a story about a little girl who was a blogger. She is 8. If she can, I can. So this is going to be called – Emma’s World.

For those wondering – my mom does help me with the typing.

Today – I am blogging about my new alarm clock. It is more than just an alarm clock. It is a radio. (plays some music and noise) It is a projector that puts stars on my ceiling and walls. I love it. I set it myself for 7:30 and as soon as it goes off, I wake up in the morning. I jump right up and then wake up and have breakfast.

I wanted an alarm clock ever since I started kindergarten and my mom finally bought one. She got it off Amazon.

I had a waffle for breakfast.

My alarm has stars on it. I like that because I like space.

It plays music that I wake up to and on Christmas I am going to play Jingle Bells on my alarm clock. That is funny. Santa will love it. When he checks on me in the night, he is going to be so happy to hear Jingle Bells. He probably knows all the words.

My mom is glad I like my alarm clock. She is happy that I get up now and she doesn’t have to keep trying to wake me up. If you have a kid, you should get them their own alarm clock. It works because it makes me feel like a big girl. I am a big girl. I have an alarm clock.


Mary Friona

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