Help High Schooler With Brain Tumor Go To Walt Disney World

This is the most giving community in the nation, which is why I know we can do this.

Here’s the deal.

Thomas Jay is an 18-year-old from Amherst.  Right now, instead of worrying about things like homework and dating, he’s fighting for his life. Thomas has a brain tumor and he is losing his vision.

Our friends at Hope Rises are raising money to send Thomas on a trip of a lifetime. They’ve asked us to help out by sharing the story. We are honored to do so.

His mother, Amy, tells Hope Rises:

“In September, I picked up Thomas after school to bring him to his CT scan. He seemed tired that day, but happy to see me. My heart was pounding as we pulled into the parking lot at Windsong Radiology. They called Thomas back, leaving Joey (my seven year old son) and I in the waiting room. Joey has always been my ‘prayer partner,’ so I asked him to pray with me. He happily agreed, and we prayed for Thomas’s health. Time ticked by so slowly. It seemed as if he was being scanned forever. I just *knew* something wasn’t right. When they brought me back to see the doctor, I had no doubt that my life was about to change. Thomas’ scans were all up on the five computer screens. My eyes rapidly searched them, and they fell upon a large round item in the middle of the brain scan. My mind seemed to shift into slow-mo… ‘Mrs. Velez, Dr Calkins is on the phone. She’d like to speak with you.’ It registered that my pediatrician had already been called…. *deep breath* ‘He has a mass. They found a mass in his brain…”

It’s already been a long road, with an even longer one ahead for this young man and his family.

Turns out, what Thomas really wants – is to go to Walt Disney World. Not for himself – he actually wants to go to see his little sister’s face as she takes in the happiest place on earth.

Because he is 18, Thomas is too old for wish granting organizations – which means it is up to this community. They need around $8,000 – so far they’ve raised nearly $2400.

Hope Rises started a GoFundMe Page – here is the link if you’d like to help. 

Mary Friona