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Grinch Steals Raffle Item From Cat Rescue Organization

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This is so awful! The folks at Tabby Town – an awesome cat rescue – are trying to stay positive even though one of their LARGE raffle items was stolen. They are holding a raffle on January 2nd and had a bunch of items to be raffled off. One of the big ones, a liquor basket, was stolen – snatched – taken! Who would steal from kittens?

They sent us a message asking us to put the word out – and we are more than happy to do that!

Thankfully, they were able to replenish the basket one bottle at a time and will still be holding their raffle. You can find more information HERE.

We love Tabby Town – it’s where we found our sweet kitty, Molly.

Perhaps all of us can step up and help this great organization out. 🙂  That would be purrrfect. 🙂

Mary Friona

Mary Friona

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