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The Best Gifts Are Those Given From The Heart

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Written by Fashion, Style and Gifting Contributor, Deb Tangelder


When I reflect on the gifts I enjoyed giving the most this past holiday season, it was clearly the ones that were personalized, given with “heart”. So as we head into the new year (& thus tapped out of gift ideas), may I suggest giving a custom personalized gift to bring that smile.

Actually , personalized gifts give just as much joy to the “giver” as they do to the “receiver”.  Not to mention shopping with this purpose is SO much more gratifying than “checking” it off the list.

Here’s a photo of one of my favorite recent “gives” – a customized dish for my in-laws who are celebrating the addition of a dog !

(Next I’ll be getting them a painted canvas of their new house…shhhh)



And to another,  I gave this hanging keepsake of their dog once loved, but forever cherished.



These Artisan designs can be painted to look like a house, cat, bunny, horse, you name it! All created right here in WNY by an amazing & heartfelt artist whose works are sought after from Buffalo to Europe.  These custom porcelain ornaments are exclusively available through The Perfect Gift, along with stunning bowls & other designs.  (Check out this link to see more custom pet designs & gift ideas)

So, today’s concept is simple.  There’s nothing like showing someone you care, by giving them something centered around what THEY care about!

The ideas don’t end here, there are many more… initial necklaces, personalized decor, embroidered guest towels … I could go on and on.  But for now I’m signing off, till we chat next time …on a Winter Fashion Trend Alert!

Have a great & blessed day!


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