Finally, Milk We Can Drink! It’s Lactose-Free and Made Right Here in WNY!

We are a family of Lactose-intolerant folks. 

It’s a bummer. 

So, when I first heard about a Lactose free milk coming out from Upstate Farms, I was both hesitant and super-excited. Hesitant because you never know if a product’s promise is real and also because I’ve tried some Lactose free milk in the past and the taste wasn’t worth it! Excited because there are obviously plenty of health benefits in milk and I haven’t had milk in a long time. The same goes for my older girls. It’s just not worth the after-effects. 

So, I went to the grocery store and picked up some Upstate Farms Milk for Life Lactose Free Milk! 

It’s packaged up nicely – you can’t miss the Farm Fresh Lactose Free promise on the plastic jug.

I walked out hopeful! 

I love the idea that this is made here in Western New York, by local farmers. In doing some research, I found that the milk arrives to stores within just one or two days of production. Fresh is good, right!? 

We gave it a try. 

It tastes like…. Milk!  Yep. It really does taste like milk. I know the real test comes hours and even a day after the tasting part! The good news is – there’s nothing to report! It was fine. It was actually fine! If you’re Lactose intolerant, which is way more common than I ever thought, you know why this is huge! The stomach pains, the bloating – it’s not pretty. It’s not worth it. 

So, for myself and my older girls – it’s just avoided. At all costs!

Until now. 

My daughter, Alexa, had some cereal – she said it tasted like any other milk and there were no after-effects! 

I couldn’t agree more.

It doesn’t taste ‘cooked’ or altered or anything different than milk. It does have a sweetness to it. I think that’s why Emma liked it so much!!!  It seems a bit sweeter than regular milk but the packaging shows 12 grams of sugar – the same as the other milk in our house right now. 

The bottom line is this – if you get any sort of stomach ache after drinking milk, like we do – why not give it a shot. I’m looking forward to including it in some of my recipes! 

Upstate Farms Milk for Life Lactose Free Milk comes in whole, 2%, 1% and fat free!  If you’re wondering which grocery stores near you carry this product – here is an easy link to find out.  STORE LOCATOR.

Mary Friona