Feeling Blue? Have we got the PERFECT Art Show for YOU!

Natalie DiIenno is presenting her thesis to all of Buffalo and beyond! The Master of Fine Art candidate at the University of Buffalo was selected to present her work at the Argus Gallery. The Exhibit, Out of the Blue (Into the Void) will be on display through May 1st.

I first noticed the incredible work on Natalie’s Instagram.   I thought it was stunning and extremely interesting. But, as I have since learned – it is that and so much more. Turns out Natalie is new to Buffalo. She came here from Florida – for this opportunity at UB.

I asked Natalie about her inspiration – she said it came from within, “My inspiration actually came by using photography as a kind of coping mechanism to deal with some physical and emotional pain I was going through this recent year. I had a big move here despite this nerve damage I have that no one can figure out; then my father passed away. I’m also completing my MFA at UB, and so on – it was a lot. But my work isn’t about that, it’s about the exact opposite: the exhibition and my work (process) are experiences that give myself and the viewer a space to mentally and physically reside in to momentarily escape from these things.”

Art is comforting in many ways – yes, to the artist – but Natalie hopes the viewer, too, “I actually realized how much the color comforted me when I noticed most the lights and nightlights in my apartment are blue LEDs, that jewel tone, deep blue. And the abstracted images should evoke a response to the vastness of the large encounters of blue and black that we find in the natural world: sky/sea/space.”

If you love art, check this show out. It’s unique and thought provoking. The Gallery calls it – “An exhibit featuring large scale photographic prints and light installations – that investigate the inherent nature of photography as a light-sensitive medium. The colors and scale of these works collectively create an environment that conveys a relationship to vastness. Deep seas, skies, and space—the infinite void.”

Natalie says the blue is a sort-of comfort zone, “I’m always interested in photography’s relationship between the person in the image and the image itself, a doubling. I have an identical twin and so I’ve always liked the relationship between a literal double and an object (photographic object) double.”

There is an opening reception April 21st from 6-9 p.m. and then the exhibit will be offered by appointment through May 1, 2017.

For more on Natalie’s work – check out her website, Nataliediienno.com

Natalie is also a recent winner of the 2017 CEPA Gallery Members’ Exhibition Award and will have an upcoming exhibition at CEPA in 2018. Hopefully she will stay in Buffalo – where we value beautiful art and the artist who create it!

Argus Gallery is situated on Niagara Street in lower Black Rock – they support emerging and underrepresented artists through exhibition and ontogeny. Argus Gallery seeks to provide opportunities for discourse and critical engagement in contemporary art within Buffalo and Western New York. They are located at 1896 Niagara Street, Buffalo. 



Mary Friona