Local chiropractor has spent 20 years helping people, now he’s battling cancer.

The community is rallying behind a man who’s spent decades helping others. Dr. Tony Bianchi, who runs The Pain Relief Institute on Union Road in Cheektowaga was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few months ago. Tony’s sister, Chris Opera told me her brother is a family man first and foremost, but he also loves being a chiropractor, “Tony has his own chiropractic business. He takes great pride in helping his patients become pain free and return to a happy and healthy lifestyle! People are drawn to him because of his personality, his love of his profession and the passion he has towards people.”

Tony loves his work, but his family comes first. His wife of 26-years, Sue and their three children Austin (22), Hannah (19), and Tessa (16) are his world – and Chris says they are supporting him in every way possible, “His children are devastated to see their dad go through this. They are very supportive and trust his decisions.  They voluntarily put their lives on hold to be there and support their dad. They realize that those things are not important to them without him. Their main concern is helping him in every way to beat this.”

Chris says the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in December was devastating, “The survival rate for this type of cancer getting conventional treatment is very poor. An alternative treatment – Immunotherapy has a higher success rate so that is the path Tony chose. Unfortunately the medical bills are piling up which may resort in the selling of his business and house.”

Chris wants everyone to know that her brother is a fighter, “Tony is very positive. He is determined to beat this.  Every time there is a set back he looks at us and says “I’m not giving up” He doesn’t want pity and gets upset when he sees his loved ones upset! He is aware of this long haul and is determined to fight for his life. He believes in the power of prayer and to keep the faith.”

Chris says this puts everything into perspective, “I remember sitting with my brother not too long ago.  He mentioned how happy he was.  He finally got his practice to where he wanted it. He loves his home, his wife, his 3 smart, beautiful and healthy children and a new puppy. He actually loved going to work. He loved what he did. He worked so hard to get to this point in his life. How horrible that your whole life can change in a blink of an eye.”

To help Dr. Bianchi and his family with medical expenses, please visit their gofundme page HERE. 

Dr Bianchi has done so much to help so many people. He is a great guy with a great family, we send our thoughts and prayers.


Mary Friona


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with Tony and his family. Tony was a classmate of mine from Maryvale High School, class of 1987. I hope there is some way our class can come together and do something to reach out to help Tony. We love you Tony and are behind you. God Bless.

  2. Tony you are my thoughts and prayers.
    I am a Maryvale graduate as well. I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 2/3/17. You are completely correct in saying how much cancer changes your life. I have a family as well and it’s difficult putting everyone on hold because of the illness. Stay strong and may God’s hands bless over you, every single day.

  3. Stay strong Tony. My Prayers and thoughts are with Tony and his family during his fight!! He can beat this. Thinking of my friend!! God Bless you and your family!!

  4. Tony and Sue:
    Tony I was fortunate to have worked for you twice. You and Sue are an amazing couple who adore each other and are such great parents.
    I am praying for you. I was shocked when I heard the news. Tony you are so strong and a fighter. Keep fighting, praying and never give up.
    All my love and prayers.


  5. Stay strong AB!!- Many thoughts and prayers are being said for you and your family… God Bless!!

  6. Tony you are a strong man! Your smile fills the room! I remember taking my mom to your practice! She loved you so much and you helped both of us with r back and neck! Keep your chin up and have a positive attitude! I think of you day and night and pray for all of you! I love you so much buddy! May you have health and happiness in the future! You sure deserve! Your cousin Theresa! Xoxo???❤️

  7. I am praying for you “Buddy” as we called you growing up in Depew. I was Chris’ best friend Carolyn on Candace Lane. Hanging out in the big redwood decked pool and riding bikes. Always needed to watch what you were up to and the big pot of sauce mom had on the stove. You loved your sports! Chris was always a strong sister whether you liked it or not ha! What a beautiful family you have, fight the good fight man, know that I am thinking about you guys and praying. love ya!

  8. Tony,
    It’s been so very long since we have seen each other or even talked. We have some great memories from high school though. You have always been the other favorite Tony of mine 😉 I’m in AZ now, but I’m sending Hugs and Prayers to you and your beautiful family. Stay strong!!

  9. Tony –
    Know that the Eastman Family is sending positive vibes, positive thoughts, and prayers your way. Stay hockey strong!

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