DJ Dave Jickster

Dave Jickster has been a fixture of Buffalo radio for almost 20 years! You can find him on 97 Rock in the morning with Bull, Rob, and Chris, throughout the day, and at remotes all over Western new York!

He is a guy who represents the true spirit of Buffalo. His pride runs deep – and he gives back to the community all the time. We caught up with DJ Jickster recently to talk about his new family member, raising money for Roswell Park, his friendship with Jim Kelly and oh, all the parties.

Here’s our conversation:

Q: Every time I am on social media, I see a picture of you doing another charity event. Why is it so important for you to use your celebrity status to give back like that?

A: I quickly learned early in my career at 97-Rock that giving back is the MOST important thing that you can do in life. Meeting people that need help and being able to help them is a very fulfilling experience that wouldn’t be possible without the power of the radio station I proudly work for.  This summer I will be on the #11DayPowerPlay Ice Hockey Team out to set the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest hockey game. We hope to raise 1 MILLION for cancer research at Roswell Park.

Q: You’re a huge Bills fan – are you as bummed as the rest of us right about now?

A: I am bummed BUT parts of the football season have been very exciting and for the most part it’s great entertainment. What helps me is, I think how boring it would be if the team was ever to leave Buffalo … it would be devastating not to be able to cheer on a team and a disaster to all of WNY financially.

Q: I know you have a new addition to your family. How’d that happen?

A: Ha!! Yes! my kitten’s name is ‘Crazy Janey.” I adopted a kitten 13 years ago at the Wyoming County SPCA and she passed away this past August. So four months later I decided to adopt again from a rescue shelter. They say that the spirit of your former pet lives on through your new one. I’m so glad she is  part of the family.

I mean – how cute is she?!

Q: How are things at 97 Rock?

A: Things are great. It’s where I wanted to be since Jr. High School and every day I get to work with the future Buffalo Broadcasters HOF DJs that I grew up listening to. It’s also very cool to see the impact 97 Rock has on this great community every day.

Q: What are your thoughts on Buffalo’s comeback?

A: I love it!! I have always stayed completely neutral when it comes to discussing politics but I must congratulate Mayor Byron Brown, who is a great guy and a friend of mine. Withe other help, this great Buffalo comeback has happened on his watch. Let’s keep it going, there is still a lot of work to be done!!

Q: What is your favorite restaurant?

A: How much time do we have? LOL! Ilio DiPaolo’s, Russell’s Steaks, Cops & more, Chef’s, Mulberry, Gene McCarthy’s, Weichec’s, Big Tree Inn, Center Street Smokehouse, Swanie House, Potter’s Field, Santora’s Pizza, Pub & Grill.

Q: Where do you bring friends or family that come in from out of town?

A: Well, I built an incredible bar in my basement named #SouthernSouthBuffalo. Until Uber is legal in this area, that’s where we hang.

Q: You seem to spend a lot of time with Jim Kelly – how’d you guys get so close?

A: Jim’s wife, Jill is from the same area that I grew up. Jill’s father Jerry, introduced Jim and myself back in 1996. I DJ’d every Kelly party since!! That’s a lot of parties LOL! Jim and I became very close friends after he retired from the NFL and have been loyal friends every since.

Good buds.

Q: Share with us one thing people people don’t know about you?

A: Not only classic rock, but I listen to all genres of music!!

As Dave mentioned, he’s part of an amazing project called #11DayPowerPlay to raise money for Roswell Park. You can help by donating here.

Mary Friona