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Disney’s The Little Mermaid hits the stage at Sheas – and it is beautiful!

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Emma and I have been waiting for this show for months. As a huge fan of all things Ariel and company, I knew how special this show would be to my sweetie. And she was not disappointed. Neither was I.

It is that familiar, heartwarming musical about a rebellious teenage girl who falls in love with a handsome price. For the most part, the  plot follows the Disney version carefully leaving some of the audience nostalgic for their youth, but at the same time – no doubt –  invigorating a new generation with adoration for a Jamaican crustacean, a love-sick angelfish, and a tap-dancing somewhat-crazy seagull. A trio of amazing talents and loads of laughs.

“The Little Mermaid” creates an enchanting undersea world with light, color and sea-life floating above the stage that generates enough of a ‘wow factor’ for all ages — with the biggest wow reserved for the star, Diana Huey as Ariel. Her voice is magical. She floats through the air and shines in every way. Those beautiful songs, like “Part of Your World”, “Under the Sea”, and “Kiss the Girl” are as amazing as ever, but add to that some wonderful new music and you have hit the jackpot with this show!

Ursula, who is played by Jennifer Allen, was very, very good at being very, very bad. She was an incredibly hilariously mean Sea Witch with a stunning voice. Her songs were fun and whimsical with a bit of a dark side, but not scary. Emma loved her.

Of course the venue is beautiful and always so delightful. We just love Shea’s Performing Arts Center.

This is one I would recommend for the whole family. I can tell you, if you haven’t seen Disney’s The Little Mermaid, then you have never seen anything like it. It is a sensory delight of colors, textures, and dimensions that will have you laughing and crying, and send you home singing.

The show runs through Sunday, August 20th. Tickets run about $32 and up and there are still some seats available.  For more information on tickets – you can click here. 



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