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Local Creators of Backyard Game – First-N-Ten – Head to New York City to Pitch Their Game to Producers for Shark Tank!

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UPDATE: THEY MADE IT TO THE SECOND ROUND!!!! No word on when that will be – but Mike and Jean could NOT be more excited and we are pulling for them 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are SUPER excited for our friends at First-N-Ten! They spent a few days in New York City this week to pitch their awesome game to the producers of the television show Shark Tank! Now, they’re waiting to hear whether they’ve made it past the first round – and will move onto the next round – which would mean a pitch to the big sharks on television!

Mike and Jean Wolf sure were SUPER excited when telling me about their amazing opportunity – and I couldn’t be happier. Mike and Jean are such an amazing couple who have gone through so much!  I met them a few years ago and have tried to help them in their journey. They know we, at Totally Buffalo, are rooting for them big time!

As for their experience – they tell me it was quite an amazing process and they’re certainly hopeful. In fact, to quote Mike, “Epic life changing opportunity, Ohhh the possibilities!.”

They’ve beat cancer together – came up with this game together – have worked tirelessly to get this game made together – we know they can handle a few sharks together!!!!!

If you want to check out their game – go to firstnten.com.

Cross your fingers and toes for our friends and if you’d like to learn more about this wonderful couple and their fantastic game – just click the link below!!!

First-N-Ten, a Labor of Love


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