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Community Movie Theater Struggles to get Answers from New York State

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If you haven’t been to the Aurora Theatre in East Aurora, you’re missing out. The community theater is as quaint as the town it resides in.

Right now – the Aurora is in the toughest spot since opening nearly a century ago. Owner, Lynn Kinsella tells me they have not heard one thing about re-opening from the state.

Not one thing. “As a small business this is unimaginable. When we were closed on March 16 we never thought 5 months later we would still be closed. We have been able to hang in but in addition to losing income for the last 4 plus months have lost almost all that was a buffer.”


The vintage theater is a fantastic community partner – offering free movies for children and raising money for charities while operating a wonderful small business. They’re famous for their popcorn shoppe located inside the building. Which is basically all they have to offer right now.


The Aurora Theatre opened nearly a century ago!

In 1925, the Aurora was a state-of-the-art theater bringing in motion pictures and musical entertainment.


The Aurora, located on Main Street in East Aurora has lasted nearly 100 years – but right now – they’re not sure how much longer they can hold on. The owners posted their despair and frustration on Facebook.


As we enter the 5th month of being closed, many people have been asking-when are you going to re-open? The decision of when, how and if is not ours. Please call Governor Cuomo and Lt Governor Hochul to help us get these answers.
Thank you for your support!!! The number is 1-518-474-8390.


As we enter the 5th month of being closed, many people have been asking-when are you going to re-open? The decision of…

Posted by The Aurora Theatre and Popcorn Shop on Monday, August 3, 2020



The Aurora recently celebrated their 95th anniversary in business.



Think about what they’ve made it through.



“We thought that have to convert to digital projection was a hardship which financially it was but we had income coming in. This is the worst case scenario for all movie theatres especially small town locally owned ones.”



The owners tried to stay positive during these challenging times –



But it has now been five long months.

“We are overwhelmed by the concern and support from our community and other local business owners who have been able to re-open. We by no means are looking for a handout. We just want the ability to run our business. We are really encouraging people to support us through The Aurora Popcorn Shop. Buy some gourmet popcorn for yourself or we can ship to family and friends. Once we can re-open we hope people trust in our ability to create a safe environment and come to see a movie.”



So what can YOU do?


You can order some delicious popcorn by going to TheAuroraTheatre.com.  They have a delicious selection of hand crafted popcorn including caramel, cheddar and even Buffalo Chicken Wing!


You can call Governor Cuomo and Lt Governor Hochul to help them get answers. The number is 1-518-474-8390.



This is not about whether or not you think the theater should be open – it’s about getting answers, knowing what the future holds and helping this small business in any way we can.

At the very least – they deserve answers!



We are praying for a VERY HAPPY ENDING to this saga for The Aurora Theatre.


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