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Community Comes Together to Raise Sweet Stella’s Spirits By Raising Money & Building a Ramp at Her Home!

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We already know WNY is the greatest community on the planet – but once again here’s proof.

As Stella undergoes surgery in a Toronto hospital – she is inspired to know that so many care about her and her family.

They community has raised more than $3,000 in just one day to help Stella Usiak – after the teen’s heartbreaking experience over the past few days.

A GoFundMe – which is still climbing – was set up to help buy new Taylor Swift tickets for Stella and her family. Stella was all set to go see Taylor in Toronto, but instead had to go to the hospital after breaking her leg in their Toronto hotel just hours before the concert. Her little body has gone through much. Stella – who was first diagnosed with Leukemia in 2011 – was absolutely heartbroken.

This isn’t the first time Stella was forced to miss a Taylor Swift concert. In 2015, a terrible blood infection kept her from going. But, to put this into perspective on just what the singer/songwriter means to Stella you have to know that it was Taylor’s music that helped Stella in her darkest times; that helped her during treatments and procedures. The music spoke to Stella and made a world of difference.

Here’s something we know – Stella and her family will go to another show! We are making sure of that. The tour includes stops in Atlanta and Nashville over the next few weeks – and we are working on getting them to a show!

But, there’s more. A group of folks spent hours – working into the night – to build a ramp for Stella so she can get into her home more easily. How is that?! Stella’s mom, Jen Usiak told me via text that she’s blown away, “Maureen said last night when Jeff got out of the car from the ride home from Toronto that he looked like there was a huge weight lifted off his shoulders! Two families, 3 parents of kids who are in treatment (that includes Lucas’ parents) were working on it! I don’t even know how! Beyond words.”


Stella is having surgery on her broken leg this morning.

We are sending wishes and thoughts and prayers! Thousands have sent messages of support, comments and love to the Usiak family. They know how loved they are!

You can donate to Stella’s GoFundMe by clicking the link. https://www.gofundme.com/help-stella-see-taylor-swift

Keep sharing. And keep praying! We love you Stella!!!


If you don’t know Stella’s story – here is more information. You can also follow her journey on her Facebook Page. 

Way too sick for far too long; my friend Sweet Stella

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