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College student loses everything in Tonawanda house fire, family asking for help

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City of Tonawanda firefighters braved the frigid temperatures while fighting a blaze Tuesday morning.

In a GoFundMe post, Cassandra McFeely asked for help for her brother, who lost everything in the fire,” In the late morning of 1/2/18, my brother, Tom Dabek, experienced a house fire at the house he was living at,” Cassandra wrote, “He managed to make it out safely, but just barely, with nothing more than the clothes on his back, he didn’t even have shoes on- just his slippers. Unfortunately, while the fire has said to have started in the kitchen, his bedroom was really affected by the fire and he lost everything including all he had just gotten for Christmas. What wasn’t burned by the fire was deeply damaged by the heavy smoke.”

Sadly, the family cat perished in the fire, along with two other cats that lived in the house, “She was around 13 years old and belonged to our late grandmother,” wrote Cassandra, “While a lot of his possessions can be replaced, she will never be replaced.”

She finished the post with a call for help, “Tommy is a caring and truly amazing person. He is getting ready to start his junior year of college at UB for computer science after getting his associates degree in that field at NCCC this past fall. While we are all shocked and heartbroken, we are just trying to help him survive and rebuild his life, and get him settled before the semester starts. If you can’t donate, please please please share and pray for him!”

If you would like to make a donation, here is the link to the GoFundMe Page.

Also if you have any items you would like to donate, you can contact City of Tonawanda Town Council President, Jenna Koch at jkoch4council@gmail.com and she will be happy to pick them up from you.

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    please post the GOFUNDME page on the Tonawanda Community page and I will then post it on alumni page and growing up in the city of tonawanda page


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