OJ Simpson’s parole hearing – what might happen?

O.J. Simpson’s fate may soon be known. Thursday at 1 p.m. ET, the 70-year-old former Bill has a parole hearing on the remaining counts for which he was convicted in Las Vegas in 2008. According to many experts – it seems like Simpson has a strong chance of a favorable outcome before the Nevada Board […]

Free fun storytime series in the perfect setting!

Free fun storytime series in the perfect setting!  I love reading to my kids. And they love it, too! There’s a real sense of pride and wonderment that comes from your little children actually reading to you. We know the benefits of reading. So, we soak up storytime whenever we can. We are looking forward […]

Harbor Seal pup born at Aquarium of Niagara.

I know … how adorable! The Aquarium of Niagara on welcomed the first harbor seal pup born at the facility in 30 years. Eight-year-old Zoey went into labor after nearly eleven months of gestation, and the pup was born just after midnight on Thursday. Aquarium staff said the delivery was seamless, and both mother and […]

Happy 716 Day, Buffalo!

I just love this. I love this it’s a thing… that we love our beautiful city so much that we celebrate our area code! The 716 isn’t perfect, but it is becoming quite the story. The little engine that could. The dreamer that did. Man, we’ve come a long way! Basically what I’m saying is […]

An amazing event, take part in Strike Out Breast Cancer Walk & Ballgame

I’ve written about the amazing work the Breast Cancer Network does in our community. (PREVIOUS STORY)   The non-profit, founded by a group of breast cancer survivors, has been around for nearly 30 years. Their mission is to help support and educate survivors and their families. Run mainly by volunteers, the BCN of WNY is hoping […]