Friends take an amazing bike ride, “I also felt like I need to do this again, to do whatever I can for as long as I can to help change what it means to have cancer.”

It’s been a few weeks since the Empire State Ride took place – and two ladies who took part are still riding high on their feelings from that ride. This is a story about two friends – Amy Dickinson and Heather Sopko. They’ve done 12 marathons together. They’ve trained and run. They’ve stressed and fought […]

Little girl dies in fire, family loses everything. Can you help?

Friday night, fire ripped through a South Avenue home, tragically taking the life of a child. Seven-year-old Hannah was killed. Besides the loss of a beautiful young life, the large but close knit family of 11 also lost everything they owned and are left with only the clothes on their back.  Niagara Falls Police officials […]

Logan the inspiration!

Logan is going into the 3rd grade and Linda says her little guy is always on the go, “He is a very determined little boy. He is very active. He takes swim lessons and is a great swimmer, he has been playing sled hockey for 3 years with the Buffalo Sabres Junior sled hockey team, he likes to jump on the trampoline, he has two good friends in the neighborhood and is back and forth between their houses.”