This Valentine’s Day…No Regrets.

Written by Fashion, Style and Gifting Contributor, Deb Tangelder If you know me, this would not be a surprise, but I am a very passionate person.  If I say I love you a million times it’s because I do, and I mean it.  I wasn’t always this way…as a kid I used to be shy […]

Easy, healthy & delicious Superbowl snacks …

Written by Lifestyle Contributor, MJ Cimato of Cooked Buffalo    I love the Buffalo Bills. I know I share the same sentiment as the rest of Bills fans (shout out to the Bills Mafia!) THE DROUGHT IS OVER! The team’s playoff run was short lived, yes, but nonetheless, it happened. The Buffalo Bills made the […]

Enjoy winter with the kiddos… here are some winter hot spots!

Get out and enjoy winter before it’s gone. And bring the kids, too. Sure, winter in Western New York can be challenging – slick driving, shoveling, teeth-chattering cold…. But, it can and should be celebrated, too. So… bundle up and enjoy our winter wonderland. Here are some suggestions. These popular outdoor spots offer plenty of […]

Fashion Trend: Not-So-Ordinary Sleeves, Hems, and POMS!

Who says you can’t have a little fun with fashion in the winter ? Actually, I think it’s deemed necessary, to keep those cold days, bright & cheerful! Fun sleeves, hem details & embellishments are taking the spotlight in fashion. Who would have thought taking a little design notice to the mundane would have so […]

Strong Women: May we know them, May we raise them, May we be them.

Written by Lifestyle Contributor, Sue Morreale  “Strong Women: May we know them, May we raise them, May we be them.” As we begin the new year, we as women are trying to balance so many things in our life. Many of us may struggle with loving ourselves and putting ourselves first….maybe we don’t like our body. Maybe we aren’t happy with the […]

Parenting Positively -What is it?

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit and after almost 9 years of yelling it had certainly become my response when directions were not followed the first time, rough housing turned to WWE matches or home cooked meals were met with scrunched noses and noises of disgust. I was a habitual yeller….I was that mom. But, I changed.