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Can Crowd-sourcing save Toys R Us? From the 200-million already raised, it appears …. I don’t know… maybe?

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I’ll admit, the girls and I stopped by Babies R Us this week and I was a bit bummed to see the store set to close. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve shopped at Babies R Us and Toys R Us. So many toys, shoes, clothes – all of it. For all four of my girls.

It’s a bummer. I talked with some of the employees who are certainly bummed out about their lost jobs.

All that said, with a giant like Amazon out there, as well as many other (way-too-may-to-count) online retailers – it’s no wonder this would happen. The big question might be – Who will fall next?

But hold on … there’s now a major push to save the iconic toy store.

But – what do you guys think about this crowd-sourcing effort to save Toys R Us? Will you donate?

A Gofundme that has already raked in hundreds of millions of dollars!

The hashtag #SaveToysRUs is all over Twitter – a seemingly last ditch effort to save the struggling Toy Store.  Among those tweeting was billionaire Bratz doll maker Isaac Larian, the owner of one of the largest toy companies in the country, MGA Entertainment. He not only directed his tweets at other toy companies like Lego and Disney, but at Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, even President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka, asking them each to help save what he calls “The American Icon.”

Here’s the thing – they’ve already raised more than $200-million dollars of the 1 billion dollar goal!


Here is a link to the Gofundme if you’d like to keep tabs. https://www.gofundme.com/helpsavetoysrus

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