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Bucket List of Summer MUST-DO Activities!

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Yeah! Summer is so close and we can’t wait!  Let’s get busy!

After all, we have an awful lot to squeeze in over the next few months! It is important to focus and not waste a second. That being said, we came up with an amazing list of must-do activities. Here you go! Our top 15!

Visit the Buffalo Zoo – Lions, tigers, and bears – oh my!!! The Zoo is the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon. Who doesn’t love checking out the animals. There are so many to see – but, of course there are some favorites! The zoo is adding new exhibits regularly – I bet there’s stuff you haven’t seen yet! It’s an inexpensive way to spend the day!



Visit the Aquarium of Niagara– The Aquarium has come a long way recently. The new penguin exhibit is awesome. You can check out their shows, shop in their souvenir store and see the sea lions they’ve rescued. Take a drive or walk around the falls while you’re in the neighborhood!



Go Strawberry Picking – There are many options here! You spend the day with your family and then reap the rewards from all of that work! Fresh strawberries are the best and always taste better when you pick them! There are tons of farms to pick from. Here are some options.


Take a hike – Oh boy, where to start! You can hike the Niagara Gorge, Letchworth State Park, Chestnut Ridge Park, Zoar Valley and Knox Farm – just to name a few. Soak in the gorgeous views as you get those steps in! Take your time, enjoy nature at its finest and breathe in the fresh air. It’ll do you a world of good.



Check out Akron Falls – The 284-acre park is filled with gorgeous scenery, tons of playground, and a falls that will take your breath away. It’s a pretty place to picnic, walk or play. Bring your camera and capture the animals, or bring a fishing pole and relax for a bit. But do NOT miss the falls. Trust me.



Visit Beaver Island – the beach is actually really nice and they have a cute boardwalk, loads of beautiful trees and playgrounds too! Spend the day!



Go on a picnic – or 50! We have a list of great picnic spots!   Check it out HERE.  It doesn’t really matter where or what you bring – picnics are fun. The food always tastes better and the kids always enjoy it. It’s so important to spend some quiet time together and this is a really terrific way to do that.



Go to the drive-in – How awesome is the drive-in?! The Transit Drive-In is a MUST-DO summer activity. My kids love, love, love this. Bring some lawn chairs, blankets and loads of snacks (and bug spray) and you’re bound to have a great time!



Go fly a kite! YES! Pick your park and go nuts! My girls LOVE flying kites. There’s something about just holding that string and watching the kite soar. LaSalle Park is a great place to fly because it gets lots of wind off the water. It really is fun to watch the kids giggle as they run along.



Go wild at Hidden Valley Animal Adventure – This is a true adventure! It’s a safari close to home and in a safe, fun environment. You can feed the animals from the safety of a trolley as you ride through the animal adventure. There’s a petting zoo, too!



Spend a day looking back! Old Fort Niagara– talk about a place rich in history. Walk the Fort with your kids and let them soak up what life was like once upon a time. Enjoy the beautiful beach and picnic areas. The views outside the Fort itself are stunning and the views inside the Fort are historical!



Canalside– take a day here, folks! You need an entire day to really soak it all in. You can take a boat ride across the harbor, play in the HUGE sand box, do some shopping, have an ice cream cone, relax along the water – and much more. They have activities all day – every day! Check out the water bikes, canoes, kayaks and other fun activities. You’re gonna love it!



Explore & More – This is a must! The brand new children’s museum is fun for kids – babies through 12! The focus here is on fun, learning and everything Buffalo and Western New York. It’s a great way to teach your kids about our history and all of the amazing things Buffalonians and Western New Yorkers have accomplished. Read more about this beautiful museum HERE. 


Enjoy the Outer Harbor I have to say – the last time we went to the outer harbor, I felt like we were on vacation in some amazing resort town. We rented a tandem bike with our girls and went riding around. It’s so beautiful there. Take a day or two and really enjoy this gem that we’ve been waiting forever for!!!

Walk to the Eternal Flame this is a gorgeous walk with an amazing reward at the end of the path – the stunning eternal flame. No strollers on this walk, but for older kids, it’s a great way to get some exercise, enjoy nature and get away from all the screens!

Visit Olcott Beach – If you’ve never been to this adorable little beach town, you’re missing out. The carousel is so fun and rides are just $.25 each! They’re always hosting fun events, too!



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