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Awesome!!! Study shows the more you hug your kids, the smarter they’ll be!

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Oh, we LOVE this one! I’m a mom who loves to hug and hug and hug and hug and squeeze my babies.


So, for all the moms and dads who’ve heard, don’t spoil your baby. Stop hugging them so much, don’t do this, don’t do that… blah, blah, blah… turns out, all those hugs – those glorious, sweet hugs – are doing as much for your baby as they are for you!!!

Science says so. Yep. It turns out, the more you hug a baby, the more their brains grow, according to a  survey from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio.

125 babies, both premature and full-term, were included in the study, which looked at how well they reponded to being physically touched.

The results indicated that premature babies responded to affection less than babies who were not born premature. What was also revealed however, was that babies that were subjected to more affection by parents or hospital staff showed stronger brain response.

According to researcher Dr. Nathalie Maitre, this last revelation tells us that something as simple as body contact or rocking your baby in your arms will make a big difference in how their brains develop.

It seems the bottom line here is that affection is vital for the development of the brain.

So, cuddle and hug those sweeties as much as you can and NEVER stop! It’s nothing new, but it’s a great reminder of the power of love and affection!


Mary Friona

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