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Scott Celani

Born and raised in Buffalo, Scott is a husband (of the Editor-in-Chief) and father of 4 beautiful daughters. He is also a full-time musician, HR Director and a graduate of Georgetown University.

Totally Buffalo Festival Music Lineup is set!

You’ve heard the saying – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! That is how we feel about the live music for our 2nd annual Totally Buffalo Festival! Last year, everyone seemed to LOVE the bands – so we figured – let’s bring everyone back!! So we are. The 2nd annual Totally Buffalo Festival will […]

Thank you, Bills. I’m Not Mad at You Anymore.

It happened.  It actually happened.  The longest playoff drought in North American sports is finally over.  The Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs.  Ending what has seemed like a curse is a great thing for this team, this franchise, the WNY community and Bills fans worldwide.  It’s also a great thing for my mental health.  […]

The Most Patient Fans on Earth

During the last Winter Olympics in 2014, I really got a kick out of watching the hockey portion of things. They were great – the best players in the world playing a wide-open style and doing it for their respective countries. When they ended, I put up a snarky Facebook post saying “Now I will […]

Weekly Sports Complainer: The Acceptance of Tom Brady

Me to Group: “Hi, my name is Scott and I’ve accepted that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time.” Group Response: “Hi Scott.” More important than accepting it, I’ve decided to appreciate it. That’s the key to my sanity as a pro football fan, and particularly as a Bills fan. Yes, Tom Brady is […]