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At the SPCA of Niagara – “The volunteers are everything.”

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We all know how important it is to give back in life. Whether it’s money. Or time. Or both. For Terri McDonald-Gale, giving back, by helping adorable cats, turned out to be a win-win. You could say – it was a purr-fect opportunity.

Terri has only been a volunteer at the SPCA of Niagara for a few months – but she says, it’s changed her already, “I love my volunteer job and have just picked up an additional two hour shift!” Terri helps by cleaning liter boxes, socializing with the cats, and talking with potential adopters.

She’s not alone. In fact, Ilene Miklos is the Volunteer Coordinator for the shelter. She tells me they have about 125 volunteers and are always looking for more, “We could not survive without the volunteers. That’s it in a nutshell.”

Volunteers like Terri, who provide tender love and care to these pets.

Whether it’s a tail-wagger, a purr-pal or a junior helper – each and every volunteer is there to help give those animals a better life. To help keep them happy, to help find them a new owner.

Ilene says it is meaningful to the shelter and to the animals, “Whatever kind of weather, it doesn’t matter, they were here to walk the dogs, clean the poop. We just couldn’t do it without them.”

Terri says the reward is seeing the difference she’s making, “I really feel like I am making a difference and helping to get the cats adopted.”

If you are interested in volunteering, you can find information on the SPCA of Niagara Website.

We are super happy to announce that we will be teaming up with the SPCA of Niagara to feature a pet of the week! More coming very soon!!!!






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