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And they lived happily ever after! (Despite the fire alarm going off during their wedding ceremony!)

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For Beth Seel – it’s a beautiful memory that she will have forever. Her wedding to Dave Eimer over the weekend was everything she’d dreamed of.

And more…

By more, we mean the fire alarm going off during her wedding ceremony at St. Joseph Cathedral in Buffalo! It happened at the end of the ceremony as the bride and groom were just about to turn around and walk back down the aisle and out the door! Beth’s mom, Sue McGaffin-Reinke called it a surprise ending, “We were told that it went off in the rectory and it automatically shuts down the organ,” Sue told us, “The organist had just started to play and then …nothing. Hahahaha!! So my daughter and her husband made the best of it and just walked down the aisle and the rest of us followed.”

Yep, they just walked out with the alarm going off – a loud buzzing sound as they were leaving the church.

I’m sure it would have rattled many – but not Beth and Dave – who handled it like champs. There’s no doubt, this photo of the beautiful couple – surrounded by Buffalo’s bravest – will absolutely make the wedding album!

Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness!

Mary Friona

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