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An incredible LOVE story: Local couple in search of baby to adopt after cancer treatments took their fertility

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I’d like to share a love story with you.

Like, a totally-crazy-in-love-nothing-else-matters-by-your-side-the-entire-time kind of love story.

The real ‘in sickness and in health’ part of marriage and beyond.

Frank and Elena DePaolo – from Niagara Falls, NY – have a story filled with ups and downs. But mostly with love.

Their story began in 2015 on a softball field. It went from a simple ball game – to an inseparable relationship in just a matter of months. Life was wonderful – with three puppies and plenty of dates and road trips together.  Then in 2016 – the news.


Terrible news as Elena was diagnosed with Leukemia. Through months of treatments, procedures and even a transplant – their love grew. Frank was Elena’s rock – and soon got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.



The support – the 100% support – meant the world to the future bride, “When I was diagnosed my husband and I were only dating 6 months and he never left my side.
Elena said, “The support he gave me everyday; coming to the hospital everyday, sleeping there with me on weekends, shaving his head when I shaved mine.. those were all things that helped me beat cancer. I knew that this was the man I was meant to marry and start a family with even before cancer.”

As they were planning a wedding and preparing for a future – they found out that those aggressive treatments that saved Elena’s life – also took her fertility.

They moved on and looked forward and on November 10, 2018  – the magical, wonderful wedding they’d always wanted.



The couple went through fertility treatments and tried invetro fertilization. They became pregnant in January of 2019 – but had an early miscarriage and then again in June 2019 – which resulted in preterm labor; their daughter did not survive.

Elena and Frank were devastated

Now, with Elena three years cancer free – they’ve decided to explore the world of adoption. They are going all in on a private adoption. They’ve created a website and hope to soon have a baby to welcome into their hearts and home. “My husband and I have always discussed adoption but were unsure if we could afford an agencies expenses; we spoke to a family friend who did an independent adoption for a fraction of what an agency cost. When it seemed more realistic we decided to put ourselves out there. We’ve always wanted children.”

Now it’s a mission of love – as the couple works to find a baby to love. “If you are considering adoption for your child please keep us in mind. We have so much love to give. Your child would be so insanely loved and we would be honored to raise them. We are unable to have children of our own so any chance at parenthood would not take lightly. We also have an amazing support system behind us, full of love and eager to be grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.”

You can check out their website at frankandelenasadoptionjourney.com

As for Elena – she remains cancer free, “Today I am physically doing good. I am three years in remission from Leukemia and working on getting my life back everyday. I still have my visits at Roswell Park every few months to check labs and my yearly scans. I try to live life as if I never was a cancer patient, that’s all I can do.”

We wish this beautiful couple all the best and can’t wait to follow up when they become a family of three.



Mary Friona

Mary Friona

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