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A wake-up call from local Dog Control Officer after pics showing horribly burned paws surface.

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When I saw these pictures – posted by the City of Tonawanda Dog Control Officer – I just had to contact him for more information. They are pictures of a dog’s paws terribly burned on an 80 degree day. 
Unfortunately, Jace Kowsky tells me he has actually seen burns on the paws of helpless dogs. He told me that is why he wanted to share these pictures he found on FaceBook.
Kowsky tells me that as the City of Tonawanda Dog Control Officer he has an obligation to tell folks the truth about things like this. He calls this a wake-up call, “I was just trying to get it across to people to think before you take you pet to a festival or fair. We all love our pets and want to bring them with us but there is a time and place for our pets to come along.”
Kowsky hopes pet-owners will be careful in the heat, “Basically go and enjoy all the events that WNY has to offer but be mindful of hot pavement and use common sense if you wouldn’t put your bare foot on it then don’t put your pets. It’s really as simple as that Mary. Leave your pet at home unless it’s a pet event.”
As a general rule, if it is 75 degrees or warmer outside, you should walk your pet early in the morning or later in the day. Also, check their paws often, be sure they have plenty to drink and treat them as you would yourself or a child.
Mary Friona

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