A Sculpture that Creates Intense Emotion

UPDATE: You can get replicas and prints from the artist. Details HERE.

It is called Melancolie. And it is heartbreakingly beautiful.

The artwork created by Albert György (living in Switzerland, but born in Romania) can be found in Geneva in a small park on the promenade (Quai du Mont Blanc) along the shore of Lake Geneva.

Millions (more than 11 million people) have viewed it from our Facebook Page so we wanted to take a few moments and share more about the sculpture and artist.

György was born in Romania in 1949. He lived in isolation and sadness after his first wife died, so he understands grief. He was given what he calls in reports – a second slope of his life where he is able to enjoy freedom.

The sculptor developed a special alloy of copper and tin which he used for his work.

His work is revered by many and I found this quote about his work –  “In its complexity and diversity, the visionary art of Albert György testifies to a personal dialectic between suffering and happiness. Nothing decorative or talkative in this game of creative tension leading to a living alloy, imbued with the purest necessity.”

The incredible, heartbreaking artwork is extremely touching and very emotional. Reading the comments on the Facebook Post  are heartbreaking and show the power of love. A mother’s love. A father’s love. Grandparent’s love. Love of siblings, friends and strangers. The thought of losing a child is unimaginable – but for many, it’s all too real and some have written that this sculpture depicts how they feel – an emptiness. John Maddox wrote, “We may look as if we carry on with our lives as before. We may even have times of joy and happiness. Everything may seem “normal”. But THIS, “Emptiness” is how we all feel…all the time.”





The artist has made replicas and photos available. Info: https://totallybuffalo.com/artist-makes-prints-and-replicas-of-heartbreaking-beautiful-sculpture-available/

A heartfelt message from the artist.

A Heartfelt Message From The Artist Who Created Emotional Sculpture – After Post Goes Viral


An Amazing Gift Sent All The Way From Budapest, Hungary




I’ve been asked by hundreds about getting a print or replica of the statue – the best I can do is pass on the contact information for the artist. Here it is: http://www.albert-gyorgy.ch/visite-contact/


Mary Friona


  1. Totally on point! As The mother of a deceased son… This beautiful piece of art says it all ! Thank you !

    1. Absolutely, spot on, this powerful piece of art captures the feeling we try so hard to hide.

      1. Marie,
        I picked your comment because I feel exactly the same way you do about sculpture the artist depicted.
        I would love to buy a print of this art.

    2. This piece of art says it all. I too am the mother of a recently deceased son. My heartbreak continues because my son and his wife are expecting their first baby this September and my son will never know him. It will be bittersweet.

      1. I understand that. Our daughter was 21 and pregnant with her second baby. She left behind a husband and 8 month old. He’s now 2. All I can say is your grandchild will know him through you. It’s not the same but it’s all we can do. We show them who their parent was and tell them all we can!

      2. God bless you! It will be 2 yrs this month since we lost our son, Dave. He is in my thoughts every day & I live with this huge hole. Then I read many of the other parents comments & I felt their pain as if it is my own. I would love to have a print of this.

    3. I lost my son Sean 3 years ago not a minute goes by when I’m not thinking of him miss and love him so much this piece of art says it all thank you

    4. This encapsulates exactly how I feel after losing a beloved son. Apparently carrying on as usual, inside this indescribable and overwhelming emptiness. Only those who
      have lost a child can understand such pain.

      1. I too have lost my 11yr old son tragically and this piece of art hit me right in my broken heart. It is amazing how a piece of art can show the world exactly what its like to lose a loved one. I have been walking this grief journey for 18yrs now and I still feel exactly like this sculpture. The outside is hard but the inside has gone. I have felt hollow ever since Valentines Day 2000 when my beautiful son died

    5. I am so moved by this sculpture. I am a grandmother who lost my beloved 22 year old grandson 1 year and 5 months ago. It’s as though there is a hole in my soul every waking moment. I have no energy to be around people and have to pretend that all is fine. Thank you for sharing this. I don’t feel so alone in this nightmare knowing that someone else understands so clearly, and created such a piece to show what life is for me now. And,for all those others that have lost their most treasured being. I just want to see him laugh beside me.

      1. I feel your Sadness and pain. Im praying for you.

      2. I feel your po ain I dont ever think I will heal from losing my only daughter who was 39. Left behind a 2yr old beautiful baby this was last month. I’m so heartbroken

    6. Having lost all three if my children, this piece of Art expressed for me how I felt. Empty, despair and hallow.

      1. I am so moved by this sculpture as I lost an adult son last Fsll. I would love to buy a print as soon as possible.

      2. Thank you Beverly for finding and sharing Mary’s post and site regarding the sculpture.

    7. I lost my only child Justin 3yrs ago. This Beautiful piece of Art visually describes life after child loss???I would like to get a Picture if available

    8. This is how I feel everyday. It feels like your heart and soul has been stripped from you. Two days and it will be nine years,but feels like yesterday.

    9. Lost my only son 3 years ago,never seen or heard anything like this…..it’s perfect ! Wish there was a print I could buy

      1. Author

        I am so sorry for your loss. We are working on prints and will keep you posted via this blog. Thank you.

    10. To all bereaved parents –
      The pain is excruciating. Our hope is this is a bend in the road and not the end. We will see our children again.

  2. This is how if feel day n night empty ,I live my life for my daughters looking normal to every one but inside empty missing my son is a understatement , Aaron is his name and I’m so proud to be his mum always on my mind for ever in my heart ❤️

    1. Christine,
      I picked your comment to reply to and to offer you and your family my thoughts and prayers today. Due to the sudden death of a family member, I was drawn to the sculpture in a post and followed it here and found your comment longing for Aaron. God bless.

    2. My mother lost both her sons at early stages – the eldest in his 40’s and the youngest in his 50’s. She tried so hard to come back from the dark edges for her daughters (3) but we all knew how difficult it was for her and when she died 5 yrs later with her girls around her we knew she was happy to go to see her sons and husband. My heart still remembers the look in her eyes of joyful happiness that she was able to leave us quietly and with each other for comfort. The sculpture just shows emptiness and yet strength. Beautiful!

      1. ??? my heart goes out to you all. Thank you for being brave and sharing. I’m so glad you all finally got to see your mother at peace ?? bless you all xxx

    3. To Christine
      Lost my boy Adam 3 weeks ago.. He was 7. Just had his birthday.
      Have to carry on for my two girls, but the hole stays there.
      Thanks for sharing and this sculpture speak the words we cannot utter…

  3. Loved this sculpture! Very emotional work.

  4. This may be the most heartbreaking sculpture I have ever seen.

  5. This is the most poignant expression I have seen in the many years I have been a bereaved parent. It depicts the emotion and feeling of the emptiness yet strength a bereaved parent feels living in a world not meant for their children. Thank you so very much.

    1. Very true I have been 35 yrs since my daughter died and i’m still in shock and miss her so much. I have a son who misses her too!

    2. I love your remsrk…”It depicts the emotion and feeling of the emptiness yet strength a beresved parent feels living in a world not meant for their children.” We lost our 47 year old daughter this past May.
      You could hang a basket of flowers in there, spiders will spin their webs, birds will perch on top of it. But, it will always be empty as we try to fill the void with joy. The joy is nice and it helps, but the void is permanent. As I look at the sky through it, it reminds me of how often I find mysekf studing the sky…looking for her., and often asking, “What’s beyind our universe?”

      1. I chose yours to comment because I lost both of my boy first one was 21 second one was 44..devasting ..I too wonder at the sky knowing they are in heaven..longing to go be with them..wondering where in the universe they are..♡

      2. I thought about how the sculpture frames the sky… all the hopes and dreams and plans that will never graduate from the “to do” list. And you are so right about the birds, the basket, the spiders, the webs… all those would be successful metaphors for some aspect of living with this space in the heart where none should exist. I have never before seen or done a sculpture that expresses this feeling so directly. It is brilliant. Had it been my concept, I don’t know if I could have done it. It hurts just to look at it…the way it hurts to push on a sore tooth…like you NEED to push on it.

        Yep… 25 years, 3 weeks, 1 day since my eldest son died…and the world keeps turning around me.

    3. My SON Phillip died just 61 days ago. Even though I believe in the hereafter. I believe he no longer carries out in pain. I just feel this complete hole insider. That at times physically feels like a brick pressing on my chest. Yes it’s his brother birthday. He will not be there. So this sculpture says what my life feels like since his death. I try to act as if. I pray time helps a little. I just miss my precious kind Son

      1. I, too, lost my son, Phillip. He died suddenly last year at age 20.

        This sculpture embodies my existence. A seemingly “normal” life surrounding a gaping hole. Although a hole is considered empty, mine is filled with everlasting grief. My grief is love for my son in death, as I loved him in life-fully,completely, with each breath and every beat of my heart. My grief remains because my love never ends.

      2. So sorry for all the senseless loss. Our Philip died at 38 four years ago seems like four minutes. I keep a 5 by 7 of this print near his urn

    4. Your comment saying a world not meant for our children hit me like a ton of bricks! My son was meant for this world! Bad events happen. He should be here!

  6. I too lost a son. Where can I purchase a print

    1. Our son died 11 years ago this Oct. He was 26 and traveling around Asia. He bought medicine from what was advertised as a pharmacy. The medicine was counterfeit and killed him. This piece is so perfect. I too would love a print, if one is available.

      1. How awful for you. My 25 year old daughter died due to a team of doctors in this country who didn’t know what they were doing. She didn’t have to die.

    2. Would love to have a picture of this

      1. Love this. Where can I purchase a print ?

    3. My son died less than a year ago and this piece is probably the first time I can relate to something. Looking at that sculpture, I feel understood.
      Please let me know how I can purchase a copy. Thank you so very much.

      1. Author

        I am so very sorry for the loss of your son. I do not know of any copies, prints or smaller versions of this beautiful statue. So sorry.

    4. Would like to have a print.
      Lost my son at 38.
      Lost my grandson this year to suicide. Combat medic Afganastan…..
      This figure is so powerful and also to me, reflects how my grandson must have felt leading into his death.
      Thank You

    5. Where can I purchase a print?

  7. I love this sculpture. It speaks volumes to what I feel since losing my son Ryan. We were close and I miss his hugs and I love yous.
    I also love the wall art of this sculpture on canvas I believe, with the res background. Is there a print available for purchase.? If so, the cost please.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us

    1. I would like to purchase a print as well. Please direct me to the website to do that on. So powerful!

      1. I would love to purchase a print.

        1. Send info on purchasing a print. Thank You.

          1. Where can I purchase a print or similar??

          2. Author

            I am sorry, but I don’t know of any prints available.

      2. I lost my son in 2003.
        He was 28 yrs old.
        I would love to purchase a print or a small sculpture.

        1. Would love a small picture

  8. We lost our only son Gary he was 29. We miss him so much it hurts. Your sculpture absolutely depicts how we feel and our life. No one will ever understand the emptiness we feel of losing a child. It’s a beautiful piece of art thank you ?

    1. Would love to get a sculptor or print, I just lost my son, he was 55 yrs,but out family was unbelievable close, I miss him so much & the pain is unbearable

      1. Ann, so sorry for your loss, I lost my son 9 years ago he was 49 and left behind a 6 month old son, I have a 9year old great- grandson born the day my son died, and a 1 year old great-grandson born on his birthday, my consolation is they both have their own private guardian angel. The pain never goes away, we just learn to live with it,

        1. My son was taken from me by murder this piece is so beautiful but heartbreaking as it shows how we all feel to lose your child is like having your heart and soul ripped out

          1. My son was taken from me and murdered as well this year! This peice shows the strength you have to endure when you feel empty on the inside!i am sorry for you loss!

          2. I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. My son was also murdered. It was on July 15, 1993 at the young age of 10 by a convicted child molester. I passed a law in Indiana called “Zachary’s Law” but that didn’t cure the pain. It doesn’t seem to ever end. This beautiful but sad sculpture captures that feeling. ?

        2. I lost a daughter over 6 and a half years ago aged 37. Later on, my marriage broke up, my children and I have been left shattered. I can totally relate to this sculpture. I often feel as if there is a big hole inside me.

        3. We lost our daughter in Spain on a Christmas holiday she was 7..the words and the sculpture say it all thw years pass but the hurt never goes away

    2. Hi Shirley, I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that your memories of your son will bring you through these dark times and you will be reunited again one day????

  9. This is about the closest visual to depict how it feels. My Son passed away last year. That empty space NEVER goes away. Levi was a beautiful soul.

  10. Absolutely, spot on, this powerful piece of art captures the feeling we try so hard to hide.

    1. This is such a powerful message and yet so true…Thank you

  11. I am a grieving mother who recently lost a son. This sculpture says it all. Its EXACTLY how I’ve been trying to describe how I feel. Thank u

  12. Our Son was murdered in his home by a gang member attempting to break in. A resolution has been past in the state of California as January being ” Gang Awareness” month thanks to a friend that begin a program called Mother’s and Men Against Gangs (MAG). In order to make the community aware of gang violence.

  13. Beautiful
    How true I lost my son 14 years ago
    Thank you for sharing this statue

  14. Our Son was murdered in his home by a gang member attempting to break in. A resolution has been past in the state of California as January being ” Gang Awareness” month thanks to a friend that begin a program called Mother’s and Men Against Gangs (MAG), in order to make the community aware of gang violence. Join with us today in passing a similar resolution in your state.

    However the death of a child or loved one can be very devastating, as it has been for our family.

  15. Is there anyplace that I can order a print of “melancholy”

  16. Are there any pictures or sculptures for sale that you know of. This truly hit a raw nerve. I love this.

  17. This is exactly how I feel and when family excludes you from important events, like weddings and new babies it only makes it worse. I miss my daughter(12/23/1979-5/26/2010) so much and my mom(4/29/2009) 13 months earlier, my life has been totally empty

  18. This sculpture truly captures that empty feeling. My 5 month old son died in my arms 3/3/02 and even though I had another son there will always be a void that can never be filled.

  19. I love this sculpture My daughter passed away last year and this is exactly how I feel Can u buy prints or mini sculpture of this statue ?

    1. I lost two children. This comes closest to the way I feel.
      Is it possible to purchase A picture or small statue? Thank you

      1. Author

        I am so very sorry for your loss. I am sorry, but I don’t know of any prints available.

      2. Author

        I am so sorry for your unimaginable loss. I do not know of any copies, prints or smaller versions of this beautiful statue. So sorry.

      3. Looking a child doesn’t tear s hole in your heart…it rips apart your soul.

    2. I would like a picture or sculpture of this also for my son and daughter my son lost his grandson of 4 month and my daughter lost her daughter to lukemia a week later last year in a October if you get any info please let me know. I am sorry for your loss as well. I am a grand mother in grief. Thank you for sharing. May God bless you and strength you every moment of every day.

  20. I to would love a print of the picture

  21. This is so evocative of how I feel almost 14 years after losing my 23 year old son. He would have been an uncle, and so many things he has missed, and we have missed with him. There is no word for us bereaved parents in any language that I know. That emptiness can never, and should never, be filled.

  22. It truely portrays the pain of losing a child. I loss my beautiful daughter and grandson last May. My world has a whole in it. My heart is broken and the pieces are loss.

  23. This sculpture says it all… “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

  24. Three years ago tomorrow our son Gary died of an undiagnosed heart condition.I feel so very empty and sad and every day is a struggle to try to be “normal”. This sculpture truly reflects how I feel.

    1. Hilary, I too lost my son, Corey, to an undiagnosed heart condition. He was 24 and had a heart attack while on a business trip to San Francisco. He was all alone in a hotel room. It has been 4 + years. I know exactly how you feel.

  25. I love this sculpture our one beloved son passed away last June 23rd of a cancer and this is exactly how me ans his father feels, OMG we miss him extremely

  26. I have experienced much loss in my lifetime. I lost my parents when I was a child. I have lost siblings, best friends! I lost a newborn grandbaby & losing him was the worst until May26, 2017 when my son passed away! It was his baby whom we had lost a few years before. Losing my son has broken me into a million pieces. He took so much of me with him. I begged God to take me & let him live! My plan was not Gods’. I can’t get pass the pain. My heart is broken beyond repair. The emptiness, londliness & despair is just that! I want to get whole again! Tears come whenever. I have had to stop & think about my family & realize they all have been grieving, too, not just me! I had to let them know I’m here for them, too! So at night when I’m alone the tears don’t stop. The thought of him they come! Writing this is awful!

    1. Carolyn so sorry for your loss. Try looking up this support group in your area. I believe they can help you. Blessings.

    2. I, too would love (2) prints of this! I keep looking at it…it’s like it’s talking to me It’s touched my heart! Thank you.

      1. Author

        I am sorry, but I don’t know of any prints available.

      2. Author

        I do not know of any copies, prints or smaller versions of this beautiful statue. So sorry.

    3. Carolyn, I am so sorry. I joined this exclusive “club” that no one wants to be a part of 33 years ago when our 10-year-old son died suddenly from a brain hemorrhage. As I’ve read all these posts it brings back the memories of that fresh, raw grief. I would encourage you and the others to search out a GriefShare group. It’s an amazing program. I wish they would have had it when my son died. There IS hope. I will always miss my son and there will always be tears that will come but we can survive and live a full life.

  27. Our daughter died in a car accident 11 years ago. I have never seen an artistic depiction, until today, that represents how difficult life is every day without her. Every. Single. Day. My belief is that as much as our love for her never ends…her love for us surrounds us every day…frozen in time until we are together again. To the other parents and to those who have experienced profound loss…sending you love.

  28. Is the melancolie available in a mini sculpture or print. Would love to have one. Thank u

  29. Wow! Does this hit home! We lost our son,
    Mo, to cancer a year ago. It is so heartbreaking to see how I really feel. He was such a sweet, caring son, brother ,Dad and uncle as well as a grandson,nephew and cousin to so many. It is tough to press on- I pray that God will give us all strength. I miss him so much. I,too, would like a print or small sculpture if anyone has any information to share, God bless all of us????

  30. This sculpture says so much we cannot say but feel so very acutely. My husband and I lost our baby at 23 weeks after preterm labor on June 23 of this year. I couldn’t feel more like the person depicted in the sculpture. It’s comforting to know through such works of art that there can be healing and connection in our shared experiences, although many times painful.

  31. Sculpture says it all. My 43 yr old daughter died in w2005. I will miss her and love her forever.

  32. Where can I purchase a print or small sculpture please

  33. This will always be a group that none of us wanted to belong to. Just as this sculpture portrays the emptiness and sadness you feel never goes away. My daughter was nine weeks shy of her 16th birthday when she died. It doesn’t matter how old your child was or how long its been since they died, life as you knew it is over.

  34. Absolute beautiful piece of art. A picture like this is worth a 1000 words and actual feelings.
    Miss my son who passed away September 7,2017. Feeling empty is the best way to describe the loss of a child! ?

  35. I can only imagine that this is exactly how my daughter felt when she took her life after having her second child…Empty inside, not understanding what she was going through and feeling that no one understood her. This sculpture brings tears to my eyes! Avoiding other people from having this same emotion has been my goal for three years now, and it will go on until my last breath. Beautiful artistry.

  36. Words can not express this heartbreaking and beautiful art work. So, true, when I lost a child nothing can ever full the hole it leaves. I lost my daughter Tine Rose in a house fire 1 month before here 3rd Birthday in 1969.

  37. My son was killed in a single car accident 13 years ago. He was 21 almost 22. My other son was killed in a motorcycle accident in Aug 2017. He was 30. This sculpture displays the intense emotion of grief. I too would like a small sculpture picture.

  38. That sculpture is amazing. No words! Anyone who has gone through a loss of a child …no matter what the age can relate to the emptiness that we r left with! I lost my son Jason in 2016 and every day is a struggle. God bless all of us that have experienced a loss ! If there is a print of the sculpture please share info.

  39. My daughter was just murder a month ago, this sculpture represents me since that day, but it does help me to know I share grief with so many people

  40. I lost my son Shane a month ago to a motorcycle accident, he was only 27 years old. People ask me constantly… how are you? Are you feeling better? I smile, tell them I’m ok, taking it one day at a time. Inside my head I’m screaming… no, I’m not good, I’m not feeling better, I will never be the same again. My son is gone forever, and I will forever be broken, empty, and hollow inside. This sculpture depicts so perfectly and powerfully how I feel 24/7. Thank you so much. If anyone has any information, I would love to have a print or small sculpture for myself. Thank you

    1. My 34 ur. Old son died in a motorcycle accident on June 11,2016. He left behind a beautiful wife & 6 mos. old baby girl who is now 2 1/2. She looks like him & every time I see her I think of all he is missing & that she won’t know him at all except what we all tell her but it’s not the same. This sculpture is my feelings to a “T”. I understand what ur going through. 2 years down the road & I still feel this way. Oh things are “better” in many ways from the 1st year but the waves of grief come & take me by surprise now. God Bless You & just know it will get “easier” for lack of a better term.

    2. that is exactly how I feel. my daughter, Diane, died this June 13th. I feel I can’t go on.

      1. The longer we have our children, the more we love them. they’re are babies, our teens, our young adults, our OUR FRIENDS. I was there when Diane came into this world, and I had the honor of holding Diane in my arms as she breathed her last breath. I can’t help but feel she arranged for me to be holding her at that moment. I asked her if she really needed to go , are you sure?. She didn’t answer, she just stopped breathing. I gently rested her head back against the pillow, told her how much I loved her, I knew Jesus had already lifted her up. People say they see signs, have vivid dreams, I have experienced non of these things. I praed for a miracle, for cure for this cancer. I wanted a miracle, a miracle. Never happened. Then, I came to realize that I was granted a miracle, DIANE. Having my daughter Diane , is my miracle. This woman child of mine was my miracle. With all this said, I still can’t come to terms that she is gone. I am so physically aching. Thank you for letting me share. i have no one to talk too

        1. Denise, find a GriefShare group in your area. Go to GriefShare.org, to Find a Group. It’s a wonderful program. Look it up. You won’t be sorry. We lost our 10-year-old son 33 years ago. I wish I’d had it back then. There is hope for healing.

      2. Denise , I know exactly how you feel. I didn’t think I would be able to “stay here” after losing my precious baby boy Austin who was one month away from being 23 on May 8, 2017. It’s been 14 months and it’s only been the last few weeks that I am starting to feel like I can breathe a little or that I’m not thinking of how to go be with him now or praying that God take me home. Take one minute at a time, one day at a time and know that it’s time you will be able to start doing something other than dwelling every single second on Diane. Your Diane died on my Austin’s 24 th birthday. My refuge has been other moms that lost their sons and my work to keep my mind from dwelling on him 24/7. This is the only way is to find something you can focus on. Prayers for you and all these moms and dads.

    3. Shannon, find a GriefShare group. Go to GriefShare.org to the Find a Group area. You don’t have to do this alone. Our 10-year-old son died 33 years ago July 24. I wish I’d had GriefShare then. There is hope.

  41. Wow very moving . I too would love a print of this

  42. it’s 35 yrs since my daughter died , please if any prints are available please contact me . thank you

  43. <3 This sculpture. Totally captures how I feel all the time since losing my daughter a few years back to cancer. Thank you for creating such a lovely sculpture.

  44. I love this sculpture! We lost our daughter 11 yrs ago she was only 29 . People think that as time goes on you’ll get over it, but it just hurts so much you can’t ever get over it ! That was you’re baby you’re child !! If you have a mini sculpture or even a mini print of this I would be really interested in it .

  45. It’s exactley how I feel after losing my son, empty inside but still try to be happy somehow?

    1. It has been since June 30th since our son Tim passed away from cardiac arrest,how do you go. on? this sculpture is how I feel…

  46. This sculpture is beautiful.I lost my son last year.It was so sad.This is exactly how I feel.Empty.

  47. I lost my son suddenly 14 months ago while he was studying in college. He past away from a bleeding stroke and called crying for his mom when he knew something was wrong. I will never be able to stop the pain of not being able to comfort him and this piece represents how I feel.

  48. A beautiful piece of sculpture. I am one of the lucky Mother’s. My daughter was saved in a terrorist attack in Israel. I do have friends that have suffered losses and would like to get prints for them. You sure made tears come to my eyes. Kindly let me know asap about buying prints.
    thank you.

  49. I lost my 32 year old daughter 2 months ago. This sums up exactly how I feel inside. This sculpture is beautiful and spot on.

  50. I see this sculpture as meaningful for anyone who has lost any loved one, child, parent, spouse, partner……anyone who loved deeply.

  51. Please let me know how or where I may purchase the posted picture or a small sculpture. Many thanks.

    1. Author

      I do not know of any copies, prints or smaller versions of this beautiful statue. So sorry.

  52. My son was murdered 10years ago this September the 20 by his best friend and his girlfriend who had just given birth to there daughter who was 29 days old at the time and about 12 more people who were drinking his booze and taken money out of his front pocket while he was sleeping and taking his cigarettes this was around 1 am in the morning the police woke me up at 7am that morning and my life has been so upside down ever since and this sculpture is exactly how I feel 24/7 ever body always says it will get better when we get justice and we will be able to heal while as for the healing part of things you never forget and you never will feel anything close to what you did all you will feel is emptiness lonely and the pain

    that goes with everything as for the justice part of things my son even got screwed over on that two where convicted and both got 2 years less a day so In Ontario there is no since in punching someone in the face and take a chance at getting 18 months for breaking there jaw when you can just stab them to death and get 2 years less a day. P/s would like to buy small sculpture or picture

    1. There are no words. Very sorry to hear this 🙁

    2. Author

      Oh my goodness – so very sorry for all you’ve gone through. I do not know of any copies, prints or smaller versions of this beautiful statue. So sorry.

  53. Hauntingly beautiful….speaks to the soul❤

  54. Wow. This is spot on. This is how we feel. ♡ Thank you.

  55. I do have joy and happiness in my life, even though our son Nicolai died!
    That doesn’t mean that the emptiness isn’t there.
    Our life’s are empty of Nicolai.
    He will not come home for Thanksgiving, not surprisingly show up on Sunday for brunch.
    That’s our reality.
    We deal with that reality, with Love and Light!
    In the name of Nicolai, I pledge to stay living with joy, happiness, Love and Light!

    1. Author

      I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure Nicolai would want you to stay living with joy, happiness, Love and Light!

  56. This sculpture also spoke to me. My 35 year old son Sam died in Italy almost 4 years ago. I feel his presence, especially now during the first World Cup since he has been gone…he loved the sport of soccer.

  57. Totally understand after loss of my son. Even though I have joy in my life, this is how I feel many days.

  58. Losing a child doesn’t tear a hole in your heart…it rips apart your soul !

  59. This sculpture speaks volumes to me, for I have lost two children. This is the first time I can actually see my emptiness that I feel and not just feel my emptiness.

  60. I lost my son, Robin, 9 years ago and this is exactly how I feel; OK on the outside but totally, totally empty. An amazing piece of art.

    1. Author

      I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Sending peace and prayers.

  61. The best piece of art I have seen. Please let me know how I can get a print

    1. Author

      I am sorry, but I don’t know of any prints available.

    2. Author

      I do not know of any copies, prints or smaller versions of this beautiful statue. So sorry.

  62. This is a beautiful way of representing how I feel when I think of the seven babies I lost plus the one living daughter (now grown-up) who, as a result of mental health issues, has recently cut all ties with me and my husband.

  63. Our 22 year old son died six months ago today in a motorcycle accident where he was a passenger. I have read most of the comments and it’s heartbreaking how many parents have lost their sons. Mine was about to leap into the next stage of life as a college graduate. I also have two daughters who give me reasons to get out of bed each day and get through this awful grief. What a powerful sculpture. I feel the gaping hole with my son’s absence.

    1. Author

      I am so very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine. Thank God your daughters have helped you to go on.

  64. Thank you for Sharing – It is beyond understanding – I lost 17 yr old who battled Leukemia 4 years and 13 days prior to that her brother 20 years old was found deceased in the house by himself with the Dog.
    My husband in the midst of all this was diagnosed with NON-Smokers lung cancer (he was an athletic director) and based 4 months prior to the children at the age of 56 in perfect physical fit. All in 2010 Go figure what life dishes out and when you have no control. I am giving back to a non profit who helps families with critically ill children at no cost to the families. Adina’s Angels Fund at Friends of Karen (now have helped over 15,000 children in the past 40 years).

  65. I would love to get a print. My best friend lost her 3 month old granddaughter a year ago. It has caused so much pain and has torn the family apart.

  66. Beautiful and significant. My husband and I had a stillborn daughter over 30 years ago. She was our firstborn. We will always wonder what she would have done with her life. We did go on to have 2 boys. The pain of losing a child never goes away. We have grown to accept how life is. Almost lost our youngest because of prematurity, but he is thriving well.

  67. I have just lost a grandson. My Son and my daughter-in-law, have lost their youngest baby of 2 years old to a terrible drowning accident during a 4th of July Celebration at their home. We are all feeling the emptiness such a bright star burning out way too soon, his bright blue eyes confident smile would light up any room and any heart. Our family is devastated this baby has 4 older brothers, a sister and a baby sister on the way. It’s hard to express the feeling you feel inside when you lose a child a friend of mine sent me your picrure of this sculpture and immediately the emotional connection was Unreal, that was exactly how our family is feeling but there is no way to describe it. , my son and daughter-in-law, being the wonderful and giving people they are have use this tragedy to honor their baby boy by donating his organs to give life to other children he so desperately need a chance to live. They thought it was their son’s Legacy to live on. I wish there was a sculpture just like this one made small that I could find to give my son and my daughter-in-law to give this gift of emotion as a way to heal by expression not through words.

  68. The pain never gets easier . It’s exhausting, worst pain imaginable. Beautiful piece of work

  69. This is the most powerful thing that I have ever seen. We lost our Son to cancer ten months ago. It was esophageal cancer and it took out hearts right with him. This sculpture is amazing!!

  70. I had the amazing blessing of a very loving, intelligent, artistic, sensitive, vibrant, beautiful son for 39 years.
    When you are away from your child for a month or however long you start to miss them more and more, until you finally see them again. Your heart takes wing in that moment and as you embrace in that long awaited greeting you feel whole again. That feeling between yourself and your child is impossible to put into words and irreplaceable.
    When you lose a child that feeling of missing them and the pain that goes along with it does not diminish. Time can not heal it and the pain of missing them actually increases. There is no light of knowing they will walk in the door with that smile you love more than anyone else’s…ever again.
    On March 10, 2014 my only child took his life at the age of 39. Not expected…shocking and beyond understanding. So many broken hearts left behind in the aftermath.
    I can only pray that when God brings me “Home” that I will once more see that smile that is above any other smile in the world and I will once more feel “whole” again.
    Until that day I will feel exactly what this sculpture portrays…strong enough to still be sitting or standing up straight from the weight of the burden of loss, still strong enough to appreciate a beautiful sunset or sunrise, still able to laugh and enjoy this life, still able to lean on my faith in God and above all else…still thanking God for 39 years of love that I would have never felt ad He not blessed me with the miracle of my SON. (SUN) I love you Christopher George! <3

    1. I couldn’t have said this better myself. Exactly how I feel about my son.

  71. This month will make 25 years since my beautiful 6 year old baby girl Danica went to heaven. She died from toxic overload. Something that should never happen. This piece of art explains my feelings so perfectly for 25 years. That emptiness will always be there until I can hold her again.

  72. This is such a beautiful sculpture that depicts how it feels to loose a child. After my husband and I lost our daughter 2 years ago in a horrific car accident we have felt so empty and nothing fills that emptiness, nothing. Thank you for sharing this story with all of us who are hurting with the loss of a child. God Bless!

  73. We lost our beautiful daughter Vivienne in 1988 she was lost at sea and never found. It has been 30 years she was 14 years old. We have a son 2 years younger This sculpture tells how empty you feel even when your surrounded by oeople. Life will never be the same. You never think you will outlive your children. I’m very glad we had such a happy time with Vivienne we miss her hugs she was such a joy.

  74. I lost my only child Michael October 2015 at the age of 32. This sculpture really says it all. The emptiness that I feel, truly there are no words. Shortly after that, I became care giver to my mom – which is a full time job in itself. Mind you we got Michael’s diagnosis on 9/11 of 2015 & then my husband had a severe stroke in January on Friday the 13th. He was clinically dead, w/o oxygen for over 15 minutes. Well with the good grace of God & my son, my husband if back to normal. I know Michael (my son) helped with this miracle. My heart bleeds for all of us who lost a child.

  75. Spot on. That statue depicts how I feel inside after losing my 20 yr old son to an overdose! My heart is forever broken.. I know I did everything I could to help him but it was not enough to battle a crippling disease.

  76. My son, age 57, died last week. I still can’t really believe it.

  77. I have felt this way for over 37 years … my son should have turned 40 this year … he never saw 3.
    Thank you for this … it captures the feeling spot on … and Bless all of you who have lost a child.

  78. This is how I feel after the Lost of my only son and the devastation of my marriage. Only God knows my pain

  79. I’ve read most of the comments and I didn’t read anything about what else is in the piece. I also see a representation of the scream of pain with the loss of a loved one. It is the upper half of the work…it is almost a juxtaposition of two emotions, one of which is indeed meloncholy/depression, and the other is the raw, exposed-nerve touched by such great loss.

    anyone else see that or am I just imagining it?

  80. It captures my feelings completely. So empty without my Jenny. Killed by a distracted driver at the age of 21.. Miss her everyday.

  81. I too lost my oldest son 3 years ago. He had been married for less than 6 months and left his wife and my grandson who was almost 3 at the time behind. I wake up with him on my mind and go to sleep the same way everyday. I might put my thoughts of him off to the side but those thoughts are never and will never go away. I would very much like some kind of replica of this sculpture if anything like that is available.

  82. Tears are pouring from my eyes as I post this. Lost my daughter Lindsay (27) and her husband Eric (33) almost 6 years ago in a motor vehicle accident. After awhile you just tuck your grief away because you want to feel better, but it never really comes. Best you can hope for is to learn to live with the huge hole in your soul and to be thankful for the moments when you can experience happiness and joy, knowing that the sadness is never far away. The second I saw this sculpture, I said YES THAT IS IT. Thank you so much Albert. This helps so much.

    1. Author

      So very sorry for the loss of you daughter and son-in-law.

  83. Our daughter Aubrey Lee, three years ago. Her father and I are still numb and I know we always will be. The pain does not subside, does not go away. It is always there and always will be. It eats away, a lot each day at first, a lot each day ever after.

  84. It was 6 weeks ago that I had my last lunch with my son Liam and the next day I heard he died. He had struggled with addiction for so many years and although it was a heart attack that killed him, so did the drugs. He is at peace and for that I am grateful. I lost my daughter Jenne 16 years ago and I will love and miss both of them for the rest of my life. This sculpture depicts exactly what it feels like.

  85. Absolutely breathtaking
    Really depicts the feeling of complete loss
    I lost my daughter last June and not a second passes that I don’t think of her ??

  86. my daughter , Diane, was lifted from her pain on June 13th, 2018. This beautiful piece expresses my emptiness. I was always stoic, but now, I cry all the time. It is physical, in my core. I am so sad. Sad, truly sad, is a horrible feeling. But, I’m not afraid anymore

  87. This piece brought tears to my eyes as did the pain in the comments made. I bury my feelings most days but not today. Three years ago July 3rd I lost my 24 year old son to suicide days before he was to begin his residency in Family Medicine. He left behind a twin sister who carries on his legacy as a Family doctor a brother and his mother all of whom live in grief. Thank you for your beautiful piece.

  88. It is not always easy having to cope with grief alone, even after many years. The best way for me to cope is to do something positive that benefits others and gives me a lift on her two days (birthday and memorial day Boxing Day). I still have bad days.

  89. Fifty-one years ago my 2 1/2 month old daughter passed from SIDS on Christmas Day. Fourteen years ago my 36 year old daughter passed from Leukemia on the day before Mother’s Day. There are some days we just cry; some people think it’s for no reason. Oh, there is a reason. The heartbreak never goes away…….

  90. A friend just sent me this link/photo. I immediately broke into tears. For the first time in 5 years since my beautiful son Samuel died, I feel my journey has been acknowledged and physically represented by this sculpture, something words have failed to convey thus far. Reading the other comments, I felt a type of spiritual camaraderie that for a moment, seemed to help sooth the rough edges of the hole that has existed since his passing

  91. I was coerced in surrendering my son to adoption in 1965 and have felt profound loss ever since. It changed who I was meant to be & created a gaping loss in my being forever. Even though we have been in reunion for many years now, it does not take away the defeated feeling & emptiness of the loss.
    Thankyou for this magnificent sculpture.

  92. Does anyone know if this is either available in print or an actual replicate of the sculpture? I would love to get one for my best friend who lost her son.

    1. Author

      I am so sorry but I do not know of any prints or replicates. So sorry.

  93. My son was killed in action in Iraq. August 1, 2005.
    This explains exactly how I feel.
    It is beautiful
    Thank you

  94. Absolutely sums up my life and the life of my children as we have lost my 14 yo son Xavier to gun violence. This piece is amazing . Thank you so much for sharing it.

  95. This is both beautiful and sad.
    I lost my son Jason 3 years ago to cancer at the young age of 41. Not a day goes by that I do not think of him.
    If only I could have one more hug, or to see his smile.
    My heart goes to all that have shared their pain.
    There is nothing worse than to bury a child.
    I too would like a print or sculpture.

  96. Thank you Albert György….No words need explain this most raw & completely honest translation of Love ripped out of that forever place in our hearts , a private unseen gaping hole that at times suffocates , other times laughter can be heard as memories inch their way back inside. My son didn’t die, but we ‘lost’ him, the real him , to a traumatic brain injury at age 20. When Love is big , that hole is bigger still. God bless all you parents

  97. May God bless us all with peace and comfort the moment I saw this beautiful art and read what it represents tears began to flow from my eyes my precious ENNACENT ANGEL WEATHERS (#MISSANNIEBOO) passed 3days after her 10th birthday at her slumber party amongst friends due to asthma attack Nov 4,2017 .8mo now and I still find myself expecting her to walk thru the door or call my name yes I smile some days but the emptiness is hidden under my flesh this art is me….nov 1st 2007-nov 4th 2017 until we meet again mamas baby ….rest well

  98. We lost our son John Benjamin in 2013. It is so difficult. Life is not the same, but we carry on the best we can. We try most of the time to be positive…as our son would want us to be.
    Our faith & love from family & friends help us to live day by day.

  99. As a mother of a deceased daughter, this sums the feeling up so well, my daughter has been gone 26 years but it still feels like yesterday, thank you for this, it’s just how I feel every day

  100. We lost our 17yr old daughter over 40 years but it still hurts. My oldest grandson died 10 years ago aged 20. Sometimes the hurt from my losses overwhelms me. Then 5 years ago our youngest son had a very serious head injury which has left him with very serious brain damage. I suffered further heartbreak. I know I am not the only one and my heart goes out to anyone that losses a child.

  101. I also see (in the void ) the silent scream of the bereaved ..the head is like the back of the throat open in torment screaming out in pain …this is a very emotive sculpture …it is lovley ….

  102. I lost my only child (a son) and couldn’t find a way to continue “normal” life. so, a few months after he passed, i googled “remote fishing village in mexico” and with his dog, flew to the name of the fishing village at the top of the page. While there I wrote a book called “A Grieving Mother’s Guide to Running Away in Mexico”.. while I don’t know if it helped me as this is an indescribable pain, I have had other parents comment that, in the book, I say what they are feeling, but don’t know how to put into words. I’m sorry to put this on a comment, but don’t see anywhere where i can contact someone on this website for permission, and just want to help in any way i can. The only comfort i get is from other grieving parents. sadly, it’s now where i belong. when i am with anyone else, I am the worlds greatest actress, and have heard people say they are so glad i’m over the death of my son. There just are no words to respond to a comment like that. I told a friend the other day that “I just no longer know how to be”…

    1. Someone murdered my son Dec 1,2017. Larry Stewart jr was the love of my life. I need to learn how to live all over again. Sorry for your loss.

  103. Yes… there it is. The despair in the shoulders, the drop of the head, the empty arms and the gaping hole in the center. My daughter Ryan died on her 22nd birthday, May 24, 2018. Ian still breathless and almost speechless. This statue speaks volumes.

  104. My sister and brother-in-law lost my niece at 21 years of age to diabetes 10 years ago and three years later my nephew who was by then 21 died in a motorbike accident. We see their pain and suffering as it is part of their everyday lives. We as a family can just be there for them through the roller coasters of emotions that consume them and us, especially on their birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s day and Christmas time. They try their hardest to be strong and we are strong for them on those really bad days. This sculpture depicts that huge gaping hole in our chests when we cannot breath for the longing for them.

  105. I’m a bereaved mom of two sons…my eldest Joshua passed away when he was 15 and my middle son Jared passed away at age 33. Despite a 20 year timespan in between losses, I can undoubtedly tell you that the pain is as intense no matter how long I had my children with me on this earth. A parent can never “get over it”, we learn to manage our grief and take one day at a time to allow us to move forward. I miss my sons every.single.day.

  106. My cousin Leda lost 2 sons the same day within the same hour to a senseless murder last year by the hands of 2 thugs in retaliation of something their father had done over 20 years ago. My little cousins were in their 20s.

    This sculpture is beautiful, yet sad. It immediately mad me think of my cousin and her loss. I’m in constant prayer for Leda because she is so sad, bitter and empty. Are there replicas of this sculpture or prints? I’d love to purchase for her.

  107. I lost my son in August 2015 he took his own life in the heat of an argument with his partner . I will never forget the beat of the three knocks on the door Knock. Knock. Knock by the police at 3.15 am . The total shock and disbelief we felt and the emptyness it leaves behind is so so painfulI love and miss him every min of every day love you forever till we meet again sleep well my son Steve

  108. We lost our son 4 years ago aged 23 to a 62 year old lady driver who turned right illegally on a traffic light. He died on the spot in 5 shorts minutes. When I saw this sculpture I immediately recognize myself as being that person in that sculpture.. Thank you to all who have posted here, much insight which helps and so many stories like ours. Do not know why God choose us for this pain and heart ache, never will understand who decides who lives and who dies. When I see a room full of people at a restaurant say, I think why are all these people a live and having fun an our Stefanos is not here. it is so unfair. Plus I think of all children who have died in much worst circumstances, from murder, suicide, great pain and suffering and how are those parents coping?? Even with our loss, as tragic as it is, there are parents with much worse losses to deal with, how do the cope? We are so grateful for our beautiful son, he is very special man and loved and is be remember by all. We hold an annual blood donation in his name which took place in Limassol Cyprus just this passed weekend and we collected 26 units of blood. Finally, we all need to try to stop saying we LOST our child but I do not know what word we should use. Suggestion please.?

  109. I lost my fir born son at age 4 days and my oldest son last year at the age of 40. This art peice is spot on in how I feel every day of my life since their losses.

  110. Mary – thank you for sharing this artist’s info! My friend shared it tagging me on FB and I shared it as well! I thought I was commenting here, but it was to my own FB post. However; if you care to read it, this was my comment meant to go here:
    Thanking some that put me on Mr Maddox post of the sculpture Deborah Thaxton Palmer and my dear friend in this boat ride of bereaved parent (she lost all 3 of hers and at different times – I’ve only lost my only offspring, my son, Blake Peacock ) Beverly Amerson found your 7/11/18 totallybuffalo site post and shared it as did I. I shared it with my words “An artist’s rendering of grief that has touched so many of us ‘Bereaved Parents’ during Bereaved Parent Month that we are claiming it as our own! a Profound image of our hollowness and pain and emptiness from burying a child (even adult child) – but it is also symbolic of anyone’s grief unbearable of a lost loved one they treasured and would exchange places with in an instant, if the choice were given – I know i would! my heart goes to all who have lost a loved one and especially any parent riding in this rough sea with me and my wife in this boat load of people in this journey at sea! God Bless and God Bless us all RIP Celebrate Blake we STILL love you – until we meet you again in the arms of our savior, Jesus Christ!” Again thanks and I hope to contact that artist to thank him and try to get replicas! God Bless you Mary for this and I hope many will find it.

    1. Author

      Thank you Edwin. I am so sorry for your loss – what beautiful words. Thank you and God Bless!

  111. 13 years ago my baby boy when to be with Jesus. I didn’t lose him. I know where Brody is but still doesn’t stop the emptiness and the hole in my heart. This beautiful piece of artwork speaks so loud to my heart.

  112. When you have no words…

  113. I lost my beloved son Jeremy almost one year ago. My heart is severed and will never be whole again. Thank you for this exceptionally beautiful piece of art which depicts my life completely. An empty deep hole, with moments of joy, only to be reminded once again of the lonely journey those of us walk every day.

  114. I lost my daughter last month she is so beautiful. Was 39 yr old and left behind a beautiful little girl 2 yrs old. She is my first and only daughter. Life will never be the same. Her husband has spent all the money donated for her expenses. Burial plot and all the needs on his own things like lawyer Bill’s ect. It’s like me being her mother it’s so unfair of him but shes my baby and I’ll manage somehow. Your beautiful statue is so uplifting and makes my heart a little lighter. I’m a broken mother but have 2 more sons and 5 grandkids. Im trying to be strong it’s only been a month crazy I saw this at this time. Thank you from me in Reno nevada…

    1. Author

      I am so sorry. I can’t imagine. God bless you and that sweet little girl and the rest of your family.

  115. My son Jeff died on July 9th, 2000, he was 25 years old at the time. I could never understand how big that hole in my heart was, now I know it is not just my heart, but my whole being.
    Jeffery’s Dad

  116. Mary,
    This Sculpture was able to speak the words that have been pent up inside of me for Ten years now! I lost my oldest Son and Daughter-in-law to a Murder-Suicide back in the Spring of 2008, and from that moment until I saw your Sculpture nothing had or was able to express what I was feeling inside. Instantly the tears started falling down my cheeks because for the first time I felt there is something I can now use to express how I feel on a 24 hour basis. Thank you from the depth of my soul for sharing your work with the World for I realize there are so many other’s like myself who have this same feeling that up till now no words were able to explain what I felt inside.

  117. Big hugs to my fellow parents who have lost a child, if they were 2 days, 2 years, 20 years, all you can do is keep breathing!!! This art work, sums it all up!! I NEED, to make a trip just to see it in person, my Travis has been gone 18 years, and think about him everyday, the entire month of June is just lost to me. It’s forever changed the person I was, the person that I’m today, and the person I’ll become in the future..
    We need a name for ourselves (parents who lost a child, just doesn’t cut it)
    Until we meet AGAIN, my special angel?

  118. Compounded losses pile up, scars can never heal, the heart shuts down to avoid the pain, the soul becomes a bleak, dark hole…and no one can ever see any of it. It is no different from the air one breathes, always there but unseen.

  119. This is exactly how I feel, I lost my husband if 10 years, and our two precious daughters age 6 and 8 on June 11, 2010. In a very tradgeic accident, I was also involved but somehow survived. It’s been 8 years and every second it feels this hole gets bigger and bigger.

  120. I lost my precious son 1.5 years ago and am so empty. I will never be the sane?. I would love to have buy this beautiful print please ! Thank-you si much for such a beautiful piece of art.

  121. We lost Randy, our 8 year old son, over 30 years ago and I still dream that he is alive but only I could see him. The emptiness will never go away. The sculpture is beyond amazing.

  122. I lost my brother my best friend last July 14, 2018. When I viewed this sculpture all I could do was cry. I’m really just now beginning to feel myself again. This sculpture say everything I couldn’t speak when asked how I’m doing. Please put this in print. It has an healing affect. Please.

  123. Thank you so much, Mr. Gyorgy and Ms. Friona, for sharing this amazingly perfect expression of how I feel everyday due to the loss of my son, Tré, over 4 years ago at the young age of 20. Even the name, Melancholi, is perfect. I’ve read all the comments on this page and feel comforted, yet pained by how similarly we all feel and how this sculpture speaks our feelings so profoundly without words. Even though, I am committed to getting out of bed with the daily mantra of “show up and move forward” as Tré would want, no one sees or knows the emptiness I am walking around with every moment since the day he died. It is shocking and sad to know there are so many other parents carrying this pain, especially since I tend to feel so alone in it. It does help to know you are out there and to know this beautiful piece of art is out there expressing my feelings for all to see. Switzerland has just moved up higher on my bucket list. Please notify me when a print becomes available.

  124. I lost my son Ben at the age of 17 not a day goes by without thinking of him and missing him he was the youngest of my 3 boys this sculpture is how I feel please let me know if you are going to the prints xx

  125. Mary did you take this photograph?

  126. This sculpture embodies the deep and enduring heartache and sorrow of all the people who lost someone on September 11, in one of the most horrific events in U.S. history.

  127. I would like to purchase a small print for a friend who just lost her daughter. Please let me know how I can go about doing this.

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